Firefighters visit Little Lancers: Photo of the Day 11/17/15


Rose Fiore

Firefighter Prestia puts on a fire suit while firefighter Stewart describes what each item of clothing protects.

by Rose Fiore and Riley Faulconer

On November 17th, 2015, Child Development class welcomed firefighters from Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department.

The firefighters first talked to the children about fire safety rules to follow at home. Next, firefighter Prestia put on a fire suit piece by piece while firefighter Stewart explained what each article of clothing protected. He even put on the oxygen tank to demonstrate how difficult it is to breathe in a fire.

After he removed the fire suit, he let the children try on the pieces. They struggled to stand up straight because the gear was so heavy.

“Child Development has a week long theme of fire safety. Lessons about staying safe, not playing with matches, stop, drop and roll, and calling 9-1-1 are taught. Child Development III students make an “All About Me” booklet for each child so the children learn their address, phone number, and mommy and daddy’s first name. Our little Lancers get paper telephones so they can practice pushing the numbers of their cellphone numbers and 9-1-1.” said Kate Lane, Child Development teacher.

At the end of the visit,  the children got an up-close look at the fire trucks.