Swim team seeks reconstruction


Jackson Rammling holding the lead in the 200 Individual Medley

by Jackson Rammling, Graphics Editor

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The swim team finished their disappointing season on January 29. They will proceed to the county championships February 8, then regionals, and then to states.  Although the small team cannot claim a victory, with the exception of the girls only win against Brunswick, they can claim outstanding individual performances.

One outstanding swimmer on the boy’s team is senior Cazmier Tymoch. He has yet to break the record in the 50 freestyle. Coming in at a 23.74 seconds, he is only milliseconds away from the school record at 23.3.

Sophomore Michelle Carter’s swimming style in the 500 meter (a long race), is to start slow and finish fast, creating excitement for all observers.  She is proud of her participation. “The team is always friendly and inviting.”

“Without a doubt the events that get the most excitement are the relays,” says Carter. During the Catoctin v.s. Linganore meet, team mates were running up and down the pool deck screaming words of encouragement at the swimmers.

“It’s all about fun, team work, and practicing to get faster,” says Richmond.


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The swim team in 2014 was smaller than in its preceding years, dwindling to fewer than 20.  It’s difficult to score enough points, even with winning performances, to beat a team like Oakdale, with about three dozen swimmers. With so many swimmers, it gives the team a greater chance to score.

Another handicap is the lack of year-round (club team) swimmers.  In the past, there were students who were also members of F.A.S.T. (Frederick Area Swim Team), or M.A.C (Monocacy Aquatics Club).  Practices used to be more flexible for those swimmers.  A current rule, that students have to attend a specific number of high school practices, weeds out those faster, more experienced swimmers.

Many of the swimmers are involved in other extracurricular activities around Linganore.  Richmond says, “I’ve been in great shape for my spring sports and the friendships that I’ve made here are ones that I’ll never forget.”

Amethyst Tymoch, Linganore graduate and team coach, says that is a building year. With returning swimmers and new swimmers, next year should be an improved season.

These senior swimmers had their ceremonial walk with their family members at the beginning of the Brunswick swim meet: Grace Demember, Bradley Eisenhower, Zach Kessing, Liam Lindsay, Jackson Rammling, Lauren Regulinski, Cazmier Tymoch, and John Valett.