Indie/alternative music fan? Don’t miss VirginMobile FreeFest

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Indie/alternative music fan? Don’t miss VirginMobile FreeFest

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Few teens have $50 to spend for entertainment, but even though the VirginMobile FreeFest tickets are “freed out,” fans can go on the Columbia, Maryland Merriweather Post Pavilion website to purchase a ticket to the best free indie rock music festival of the year, September 21. I’ve been going to FreeFest for the past two years and both concerts exceeded all expectations.

Merriweather Post Pavilion is a fantastic outside concert venue with stadium seating and a grassy field to sit in if you don’t like being in a seat. The two jumbo-trons give you a good view no matter where you are sitting.

The fest is normally free, but it is so popular that the free tickets sell out in the first day. Don’t worry, just because they are “freed out,” doesn’t mean you can’t still get tickets! Go to the Merriweather Post Pavilion website and buy a couple tickets for you and your friends.

The artists that are playing this year include headliners Robin Thicke, Vampire Weekend, City and Colour, MGMT, and many more!

I saw City and Colour at Rams Head in Baltimore about two years ago in May, and they play very well live. They are definitely a major reason to go.

Robin Thicke is a popular artist whose major hit, “Blurred Lines”, is a love or hate kind of song. He also performed with Miley Cirus at the VMA’s, which caused an internet sensation because the performance was in poor taste.

Vampire Weekend is a popular alternative rock band with the current single “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.”

MGMT is one of my personal favorites. They have many singles such as “Kids” and “Electric Feel”. With the unforgettable simplicity in their sound, these guys could be the best band in this music fest.

The 20 something crowd is very energetic and enthusiastic. They dress to support their favorite bands and carry signs. There are band t-shirts and body paint everywhere. The crowd is usually under control, and I have never seen any incidents involving the police that would concern me.

Overall, this concert is really a blast for you and your friends and a great opportunity to discover new music. The doors are open at 11:00a.m.!

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