Volunteering and helping horses and humans at Days End Horse Farm


Courtesy of Jenny Lupkin

Quest the horse that survived because of DEFHR

by Leslie Zampier, Reporter

DEFHR stands for Days End Farm Horse Rescue. Days End is a farm filled with a wonderful group of staff members and volunteers who help to save endangered or abandoned horses. Many of the stories are extraordinary– how these horses were able to survive such tragic situations. These horses are then rehabilitated to live either the rest of their lives on the farm or get adopted by willing and loving homes.

I volunteer at Days End, and I think what I have learned is important for all.  Have you considered volunteering?

Let’s get to know my favorite rescued horse. 


LHS graduate Jenny Lupkin my friend helped Days End to rescue Quest, and then adopted him. Quest was a unequivocal legend at Days End. Quest is a horse that was abandoned and neglected with no food or water, but no one knows for how long. He was found standing on a big pile of manure, and his hooves were over 3 feet long. His mother died and he was left alone with no family.

Quest has a personality that is unique. He is smart, likes to be in control, has a big sense of humor, and enjoys being called “sir.” Quest acts like a big puppy. He prefers to be outside than in the stables. He enjoys running around in the arena and doing obstacles. Quest also enjoys rolling around in the mud right after a bath. DEFHR rescued him and helped him rehabilitate to be a strong and happy horse. Lupkin adopted him four years ago.

My bond with Quest is so close. I try to see him any chance I get since I do not ride as much anymore, but it’s worth the visit, and he helps me reset my mind. He’s a great listener when I need to talk or even let out my stress and thoughts. He is not my horse, but I treat him like he’s my own. This bond I made with him is so important because when you’re riding, the horse needs to know that you trust them and that you’re not afraid.


DEFHR is also a place where anyone can take riding lessons and learn how to care for and connect with their horse. It’s a great bonding experience for both the person and the horse. DEFHR staff members teach how to clean stalls, feed horses, tack and untack them, and brush and clean them. Horses sometimes need a lot of attention, but it’s worth it.

DEFHR also provides tours and fun events. They even have a training course to learn more about horses and how to take care of them. The training program helps volunteers decide if they want to help out at the farm. For people who don’t have the land or the money to own a horse, this is an opportunity.

For college students and people over 18 there are many opportunities for internships.