Downtown Frederick: Perfect for a spring shopping, eating, Instagramming adventure


by Marissa DePalma, Editor-in-chief

You may have seen an Instagram post of downtown Frederick, locals posing on top of parking garages with the city-scape in the background or standing in front of the Carroll Creek, but besides being a very popular Instagram spot for local teens, downtown Frederick has many great boutiques, hobby stores, and restaurants to enjoy.

Taco Daddy

Taco Daddy storefront.


Founded in 2018, Taco Daddy, located on North Market Street is known for its festive environment and amazing tacos.

Sophomore Marla Rowley enjoys going to Taco Daddy, “Their chips and salsa are so good and I love the food.”

The bright colors and upbeat music makes eating there feel like a party.  For students on a budget, the food is affordable.  Three tacos are $14.00.


Two minutes down the road from Taco Daddy on East Patrick Street is  Cafe Nola, a busy coffee shop and brunch spot.

Cafe Nola

Cafe Nola has outdoor seating for people to enjoy on nice days.

Melissa Rowley goes to Cafe Nola frequently. “Their coffee is so good and I love the cute coffee shop feel while I’m there. It’s a cozy place to go.”

Robert White also enjoys going to Cafe Nola with his girlfriend senior Kaelyn Diaz.  “I like all the vegan options they have to offer as well as their amazing coffee.”

“My two favorites are the vegan biscuits and the sausage and gravy entree,” Diaz said.

Cafe Nola isn’t just a regular coffee shop; it features paintings, artwork, and local music. Sometimes, they feature live music.

Located next to Cafe Nola is the old but beautiful National City Bank building that is currently being turned into a wedding venue. You can follow along with the renovation process on the owner’s TikTok account or Instagram @thevenueceo.


Alicia L Boutique

Teens like Catherine Bowers enjoys going to Alicia L Boutique .”This is my favorite boutique because I get quality clothes that are also trendy. Every time I go there I find something I like. My favorite items are the tops.”

Pat Latkovski owner of Alicia L Boutique loves her customers “I’m more than happy to have high school, middle school students come and hang out and of course college students are great too. Even non-students. ”

She describes her customers as high energy and she adores them. her clothes are trendy because her two granddaughters age 18 and 20 help her pick out clothes and new clothes brands to bring into the shop.

She also had a very influential employee who she said was one of her best employees she ever had. Her name is Katie Gallagher who graduated from Linganore in 2018.

“We have a few brands that they really love, and I love getting feedback from them. I want them to be comfortable here. When they come in,they feel like they are not in a store and feel like they are in a place of kindness, “said Latkovski.

What makes her store so popular is the quality clothing that is not as expensive as high end brands.

“One of our best right now and is a part of the layering look. It’s a cotton with a touch of spandex in it. I have been carrying it for a couple years now. The brand has changed and it’s become much for fashionable for young people. Its a sort of a work out garment. Its a good product and its not ridiculously expensive,” said Latkovski.

“I try to keep the prices reasonable. It’s not cheap because the quality is good, but its reasonable. I want it to last for years.”

She regularly changes and adds new brands of clothing to her store to keep up with new fashion styles.

The Perfect day

  1. First, grab a coffee and breakfast at Cafe Nola to start your morning, while admiring the local artwork.
  2.  Walk along Carroll Creek.
  3. Go shopping for some new clothes at Alicia L Boutique.
  4. Get lunch from Taco Daddy while enjoying the energetic music and festive environment.
  5. Go to an old fashioned barber shop like Wastler’s Barber Shop.
  6. Check out the old record stores and book stores like The Curious Iguana.
  7. Enjoy the nighttime lights around the trees and along the streets.

There are so many things to do and places to visit in this historical city. Check out the Downtown Frederick event calendar so you don’t miss out!