Lancer Spotlight 5/5/22: LHS Plant Sale blooming with buisness


Alexis Simmerman

The full greenhouse waits for shoppers from the community.

by Alexis Simmerman, Editor

The final weekend to get your plants is this weekend, from May 7- May 8 from 9am to 2pm, so drop by and check out all of what the greenhouse has to offer.

The sale has a wide array of differing plant types, from perennial, to annual, to vegetables, to herbs. Every year, they typically sell thousands of plants a year.

“And I’m not trying to be smart. It’s literally thousands. So our greenhouse is literally full. It’s not now because we already had our first plant sale, and faculty also come in, but before we started, it’s completely full, so when I say thousands, it literally is thousands,” agricultural teacher, Pat Beachy said.

“We had a lot more perennials and herbs this year, because they have become a lot more popular,” Beachy said.

The plant sale has been going on for around 50-60 years, all in the name of supporting more students in the agricultural studies.

“All of the money goes back to the horticulture department. We do a lot with teaching our students how to make flower arrangements, how to make bud vases, corsages, everything with fresh flowers, so the money from that, after we pay for the seeds and the plants, and the pots and everything, all of that money comes back to the horticulture department,” said Beachy.

Beachy estimates that the cost of one project can be up to $500.

“The students are the ones who plant everything and transplant everything,” said Beachy. “And then they help with selling at the plant sale. They’re doing all of it.”