Lancer Spotlight 05/10/22: Art show celebrates a year of creative achievement


Some of the pieces being displayed from Photography 1 classes.

by Kaelyn Diaz, Reporter

The 30th annual art show is being held May 11 from 5:30 -7 p.m,. as well as May 12 during the school day (Periods 1 – 3). Students can admire the artwork created by fellow students from all art classes. Art teachers and National Art Honor Society members have begun setting up the art work in the auxiliary gym.

Art show flyer made by the NAHS

Student volunteers and National Art Honor Society members are helping Georgia Geisser display photos taken by photography students throughout the year. There are nearly 50 pieces on display from just one  Digital Photography 1 class.

Students who volunteered to assist all day are Maeve Smarick, Sofia Bernal, Ella Jensen, Genevieve Vlha, and Kaelyn Diaz. First period volunteers were Aisiri Prasad, Autumn Davies, Christina Contardi, Savannah Presson, Tyler Jones, and Timmy Strasburger.

Second period volunteers are Aisiri Prasad, Grace Nam, Autumn Davies, Christina Contardi, Kelli Durbin, Arlo Knutson, and Abby Watkins.

Third period volunteers are Hanna Fandel, Hannah Plyler, Peyton MacAnanny, Aisiri Prasad, Christina Contardi, Sydney Spradlin, Megan McCaffrey, Grace Nam, and Alexis Riley.

Fourth period volunteers are Peyton Price, Hanna Fandel, and Abby Watkins.

On May 12 during fourth period volunteers Savannah Presson, Emma Watkins, Maeve Smarick, Tyler Jones, and Kaelyn Diaz will take down all pieces, and begin sorting for distribution.

Setting up the pieces is actually a very complicated process. The are has to be placed in a pattern, three vertical pieces, then four horizontal pieces. The same color schemes and project pieces cannot be placed next to each other.

“As we were sorting through the pieces and adding Velcro,  I noticed that there were not names on all of the pieces. . . which is something that needs to be done immediately,” said Geisser.

“For my smaller class, most of their art is included, but in my bigger classes I had to choose the best ones,” explained Christian Madenspacher.

The art show is one of the last events for seniors who have art being displayed such as Savannah Presson, Beck Mitchell, Niyah Orlando, and Chloe Mullens.

At the induction ceremony, graduating members such as Olivia Fullarton, Maeve Smarick, Kelli Durbin, Emma Watkins, Marissa DePalma, Sofia Bernal, Emma Jaffe, and Hanna Fandel were recognized for their work, and dedication. Olivia Fullarton received a National Art Honor Society scholarship as well.

Not only does the art show display the work of the art students, but the induction for the National Art Honor Society takes place as well.