Varsity girls soccer keeps up the winning streak on #SeniorNight2021


Bailey Spore

Each Senior was gifted with a bag of goodies presented by the underclassman.

by Madeline Hull, Editor In Chief

On October 19, the varsity girls soccer seniors were honored in a sentimental senior night ceremony.

The game itself was played against Brunswick High School and finished with a triumphant score of 4-2. Before the game, the seniors were accompanied by their parents as they walked across the field. During the walk, their achievements and gratitude were read aloud.

The parents of the seniors also created posters to showcase their child’s growth through the years.

Seniors Madie O’Brien and Peyton Arneson hug as the night ends. (Bailey Spore)

There were 14 seniors honored, which makes up for more than half of the team.

Madison O’Brien (0), Allyssa Grunwald (2), Kerri Donohue (3), Captain Gemma Davies (4), Captain Victoria Garofolo (5), Jamie Donohue (6), Josie Beezel (8), Erika Moore (9), Payton Arneson (10), Melanie Barger (11), Catherine Bowers (12), Emma Pratchios (13), Madison Childers (14), and Ashley Hollar (20) were all celebrated after the game with flowers, gifts and hugs.

Senior night is emotional, but an overlying theme of gratitude seemed to grace the team. For most of the seniors have been playing club soccer together for years.

While the future is still far, Grunwald, Beezel, O’Brien and Moore have all signed to continue playing soccer in College.

Senior and captain Victoria Garofolo (#5) putting her all into one of the last girls varsity soccer game of the season. (courtesy of Catherine Bowers)

“It’s going to be hard leaving the team since it’s been four years already. But you got to move on and continue your future but still remember the good memories that left in High School. For me it’s continuing my athletic career at Shepherd University and creating new memories and friends but at the same time keeping the old,” said Moore.

Mandy Hill, Josie Brielle, Gemma Davis and Georgia Sible each scored a goal during the game. Sible was selected for player of the game for two games in a row.

On a winning streak 11-0 and with only one scheduled game left of the season, the team is expecting to advance to playoffs.