Minecraft: Your first days

The MInecraft App is $7 and available for download on your phone.

Jonas Christiansen

The MInecraft App is $7 and available for download on your phone.

by Jonas Christiansen, Guest Reporter

Minecraft: Your first days 

If you spend your entire first day in Minecraft getting wood, then you definitely just wasted the first ten minutes of your Minecraft day, and in most cases your Minecraft life.

Of course, you will spawn back in unless you are doing hardcore, but If you play hardcore then most of this advice is useless to you. 

So the first thing you should focus on is wood. Although you shouldn’t spend the whole time getting wood, without it, you’re really not going anywhere unless you are in a village. What I suggest is you mine three logs from the nearest tree and then you make those planks. Make 1 crafting table, not 3 by accident (I have done that before), and make one wooden axe, or two, if you feel like it. When you are done making your axe(s), mine down about 20-40 logs. Try not to go overboard just yet.

After you have your wood, I suggest you look for a decent shelter, but try to stay within a generally safe distance from your house. Don’t travel like 300 blocks from your spawn point looking for a place to stay for the night. If you can’t find anything that you think would be suitable to make your house, then you should build your own. If you can’t find shelter and you don’t know how to build your own house, then, listen up, because the next few sentences (and pictures) are for you.

Step 1 

Look for a hill. If you can’t find one, then look for a flat area to make your “house.”

So If you found a hill, make a pickaxe and a shovel. Next, mine out an area about 5 blocks deep into the hill, or down if the hill if it is not tall enough.

After that, dig ten blocks on either side of the initial five blocks deep, and that will be your house. If you didn’t find a hill, just dig a staircase down and do the same thing you would do if you found a hill. By the time you have finished mining out your house, it might be a little dark, and the sun will be close to setting. So it’s time to add some home furnishings!!

Image from https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft-wiki/how-to-make-furnace-minecraft
To the left is a crafting table and to the right is a furnace.

The first object to add is your crafting table. Place it in the corner of your house. Then with the cobblestone you got from mining out the hill, make a furnace and put that on the ground next to your crafting table. The last two things to do is add a door and torches. If you got coal when mining out your house, then make some torches and decorate your walls. If you can’t find any coal at all, then go out and mine one more tree, but do not turn the logs into planks. Then cook the logs in the furnace using planks and that will give you charcoal, which can also be used to make torches.

After putting up your torches and finishing your house, now all that is left is your door. What you should do is go to your crafting table and craft 1 door and 2 chests. Place the two chests next to each other. And that will create 1 double chest, which can hold 54 stacks of items, and throw in any stuff you do not need in the chest. Next place your doors at the entrance of the house to prevent mobs from coming in.

Step 2

Now your house is done, at least the basics.

Now you probably need food,so go out and kill some animals, preferably sheep. I suggest killing animals until your experience bar goes to Level 4 from experience.

Now with your meat, go into your house and take your wood out of your chest. Cook your food using planks, and if you have 3 pieces of wool, make a bed on the crafting table and put it in your house on the ground. After cooking your meat in the furnace, it should be ready to eat, so, if you are hungry then eat that meat. When your food bar is full, move everything in your inventory into your chest. When you are done with this, then I have nothing to suggest that you do for your first day, other than going to sleep.

If you have time before the sun goes down or you don’t have a bed then I suggest decorating your house or trying to get enough wool for a bed, or wood for that matter.

Step 3 

Now that your first day is done, here is some FOOD information.

The Hunger bar is at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Your Health bar is to the left of the hunger bar.

A shank is the funny meat stick thing on the right side above your hotbar, and you have 10 of them. If something is highlighted green on the chart below, it has a chance of poisoning you when you eat it, so avoid eating these foods. Click the link below to see all the foods, how to get

them, and all the things they do!

Minecraft food sheet