Gaver farm hosts Linganore Prom: A look at the prom fashion

For women, a great dress is one of the most important components of a successful prom, and for the men, a nice suit is just as crucial. Prom fashion is something that has undergone changes over the years, so new styles in 2021 are a certainty. 

While many proms have been cancelled worldwide, the “norm” for what prom is in essence has changed, not just in fashion, but the manner in which people are attending the event. Attendees felt less pressure to come with a date, which allowed them to express themselves more freely with a growing sense of individuality.

Senior year has been everything but normal, so it comes at no surprise that the prom would be a unique experience as well. 

Put together by the parents, senior prom took place in a setting like no other– a barn. 

 In the barn, many male attendees chose the original black and white colors, but occasionally there were people bold enough to switch it up and make an appearance with flashy patterns and bright hues. This was similar for the woman as well, as many chose to do classic prom dresses, others chose to wear more eccentric and daring outfits.

As for the prom experience in itself, prom king Ilias Smith said “The experience was good, the music and atmosphere were also lively.” 

Smith will keep his crown as a momento and spoke only good things about the decorations and raffles which were put together by the prom team. 

Prom queen Sinovia Wodaski had a similarly great experience, she said, “The prom was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed it so much and wish it never ended.” 

“To be back to the people I have missed and to be able to dance the night away was a dream come true,” said Wodaski. 

Prom organizers Lisa Haskins and Maryanne Thompson were determined to make the prom a night to remember, and were successful on all accounts. Stacey Markel also volunteered her time to take the amazing photos in our gallery.

“Seeing all of the seniors walk the purple carpet with smiles on their faces made all of the planning worthwhile!” said Thompson and Haskins.