Pre-Vet students agree: Grooming their teachers’ dogs is “paw-some”


courtesy of Patricia Beachy

Gemma Davies and Jaden Legambi wash Beachy’s dog Rosie.

by Peyton Johnson, Editor

Every year Mrs. Patricia Beachy and her pre-vet class learn how to groom dogs. They learn the types of brushes used for different purposes, how to use clippers and they study the different breeds. Many teachers and students even bring in their dogs to participate in the grooming. 

Mrs. Beachy brings in her dog Rosie for the students to practice on first because Rosie is very calm and gentle. The dogs always enjoy the love and attention that the students give them.

The class members are excited for the day the “real dogs” come in. 

This year several teachers including Mrs. Dawn Murphy and Mr. Jeb Beaver had their dogs groomed. Murphy has a Presa Canario named Angus who loves the attention. The Presa Canario is a type of mastiff.  Murphy said, “I wish I could bring him in to school every day!”

Mr. Beaver brought his labradoodle named Oscar. He brings his dog in because “It’s a good service and I love letting the students interact with him.”

Mrs. Beachy said, “It is important for them to practice on live animals to gain real world experiences.”