Nicholas Paré rocks and rolls at final Linganore concert


Courtesy of Mary Ellen Jester Photographer

Nicholas Paré and father, Jak Paré play guitar during the concert.

by Ashley Martin, Managing Editor

On Friday December 13, Nicholas Paré and musicians Sean Frazier, Jak Pare, Alec Barnhart, and Jeff Barnhart held aconcert. Admission was $5 per person, and a large portion of ticket sales were donated to the band program at Linganore. Before and during the concert, Paré sold “Farewell” T-shirts to students, faculty and community members at $15 each.

Expectations were extremely high for Paré’s second concert based on not only the advertising Paré did months before, but on how much of a success his first concert was in early 2019. Paré was backed by the same band, adding Sean Frazier, a singer from San Francisco, California.

Max Ross, close friend and fan of Paré, said before the concert, “I am very excited for the next concert. I enjoy this type of music a lot, and I believe this year’s concert is going to be bigger and better than the last one.”

Pare and his band started out strong with a cover of a hit rock song “Rats” by Ghost. They continued the concert with original songs “Driving My Own” and “Laugh.” Paré and the band also sang many covers of songs such as “Hotel California,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “The Trooper,” and more.

Paré also added some holiday flavor when he and his father, Jak Paré, played “Christmas Eve in Sarajevo.”

Paré ended his concert with a banging encore. He played “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “Radio Ga Ga,” all in tribute to Queen.

Senior Shannon Coggins said, ” It was really cool seeing all of the solos because it showed off their individual talent. I also really liked the guitar battles between Nick and his dad. It was competitive and unexpected. My favorite part, though, was that Nick and his band played songs that the crowd knew and could sing-along to.”

Not only did many students come out to support their fellow classmate, but many in the community came to enjoy the great music. The proceeds supported the band program.

Nicholas Pare said, “The night and the performances were phenomenal. I couldn’t have expected anything better. I had so much fun and I am very happy with the way way things went.”