Teacher Appreciation Month: From kindergarten to seniors, teachers make a difference


Ashley Martin

These students love their teachers!

by Ashley Martin , Reporter

May is Teacher Appreciation Month. This month teachers around the world are being celebrated. Teachers set students on their future paths to success.


Sophomore, Brendan Conners went to Twin Ridge Elementary. He said, “Mrs. Kelly Robbins was my favorite teacher because she was a very nice and helpful teacher and she constructed a foundation for my education.”

Today Mrs. Robbins is celebrating her 5th year teaching kindergarten and she continues to educate young children into great students.

1st Grade

Another sophomore, Taylor Biss attended Green Valley Elementary. Biss said, “Mrs. Linda Friscia is my favorite because she was so much fun and overall a great teacher and person.” Mrs. Friscia has been working at Green Valley for 12 years, and she is celebrating her 36th year teaching.

Mrs. Friscia said, “Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions because, if you work hard at it, you know you can make a difference in many lives. Always teaching in the primary grades, I feel that I am the foundation of a child’s education. It is my goal not only to teach academics but to teach children to love school and see how important school is in their lives.” 

2nd Grade

Alexis Murray, Class of 2020, said her favorite teacher was her 2nd grade teacher, Twin Ridge Elementary’s own, Mrs Gill. She said “Mrs Gill was my favorite because she always gave us candy and told us stories and let us play a bunch of board games.” Murray added that Mrs. Gill was a very encouraging teacher and her teaching still inspires her today. 

3rd Grade

Junior, Tre Brisco went to New Market Elementary. He said, “My music teacher Mrs. Julia Seiler is my favorite.  I always enjoyed the games we played and the dances we learned. Overall she was a great person.” Mrs. Seiler teaches K-5 vocal music.

She enjoys golf, working outside and teaching her wonderful students. In 2014 Mrs. Seiler was named state teacher of the year by the Veteran of Foreign Affairs department of Maryland. Today Mrs. Seiler is celebrating over 10 years of teaching vocal music. Mrs. Seiler said, “I love teaching chorus and Theater Arts! It is so fun to see students perform on stage. They gain such confidence and pride. I love to find that ‘spark!'” 

4th Grade

Meaghan Vauk, class of 2020 went to Twin Ridge Elementary School and she said her favorite teacher was her 4th grade teacher, Mrs Arneson. Vauk said  “I liked her because she helped me when I struggled and she helped me meet a lot of friends.” Since then, Mrs Arneson has left Twin ridge and is now teaching fourth grade in Montgomery county.

5th Grade

I went to Winfield Elementary and my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Denise Sharbaugh was my favorite because she kept us engaged and interested in what we were learning. Fifth grade was a rough time for a lot of students because it’s the year everyone has to begin adjusting in order to prepare themselves for middle school. Mrs Sharbaugh helped me so much and made my transition smooth. Today Mrs. Sharbaugh is concluding her 7th year at Winfield elementary and now teaches third grade.

6th Grade

Sophomore, Kojo Benefo attended New Market Middle School. Benefo said “Mrs. Lucas was my favorite teacher because she told me that I should never change for anyone and that really stuck with me through middle school.” Mrs. Lucas inspired Kojo to be who he is today. 

7th Grade

Gabbi Young, Class of 2020, went to Windsor Knolls Middle School and in 7th grade her favorite teacher was Ms. Johnston, who taught history. Young said, “She was my favorite because she was a great teacher and she helped us stay engaged and did a lot of hands on teaching.” 

8th Grade

Jaylin Graziano, Class of 2021, also went to Windsor Knolls Middle, and she said, “My favorite teacher was Mrs. Stewart. She was a great art teacher. She shared her skills with us to try and make us better. She showed interest in her our work because she was passionate about what she does.” Mrs Stewart is still teaching visual arts and continues to inspire students’ creativity.

9th Grade

Freshman, Avery Robertson said her favorite teacher this year was her English teacher,  Mr. Daniel Lake.  Robertson said, “Lake was my favorite because he’s very funny and makes learning fun.” Mr. Lake Is ending his 14th and a half year teaching at Linganore High School. Mr. Lake expressed what he loves about teaching and how teaching his students makes him feel.

Lake said, “They dare to question me, each other, and themselves; they’re creative and willing to share surprising opinions and unwilling to accept something just because everyone else does.  Unintended conversations –discussions I never scripted into the lesson plan–are the most exciting part of my job ”

10th Grade

Ellie Miley, Class of 2019, had Mrs. Jessica Baker for honors chemistry last year, and she said that Baker is her all time favorite teacher. Miley said, “She’s so funny, nice understanding, helpful, and makes class fun.”Baker coaches JV Field Hockey and JV Softball.

12th Grade

Bridget Murphy, senior class of 2018 said Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky has always been her favorite. Murphy said, “Mrs. Rebetsky is always pushing me to my best. I had no idea I loved journalism as much as I did until she showed me the ropes. She showed me how journalism is so powerful because it can effect people’s lives.”

Murphy also described how wonderful of a person she is. “Whenever I needed someone she was always there and treated me like one of her own.”

Rebetsky is celebrating her 33rd year teaching and continues to love and inspire students at Linganore High School.