Class of 2018: NAHS Seniors survive 15 more days through art


Lilly Player

AP art seniors are excited for the last 15 days of school.

The NAHS (National Art Honor Society) is filled with amazing students and artists. 

Rachel Sorensen is the co-president with Rachael Moravansky along with Shannon McGoey. NAHS is a very involved group of students who must earn 4 art credits by the time they graduate.

Class of 2018 member Rachel Sorensen will be attending Montgomery College. She will be a member of the art program to study interior design and photography.

“My favorite part about the NAHS is being in a group with people who have very similar interests. We grow to be super close and have a great time giving back to the community doing things we love, which is art,” said Sorensen.

Hannah Carns, Class of 2018 member, is a good friend of Rachel Sorensen. It is her first year in NAHS, and she plans to attend Frederick Community College following high school.

The NAHS meets every Thursday and  the members volunteer for events.  This year they painted faces at football games, Lancer Candy Lance, and The Great Frederick Fair. They also participated in the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk and an Easter egg hunt.

The members create a yearly Christmas Catalog to sell things they have created, such as mugs, coasters, and jewelry. At the end of the year, Ms. Georgia Geisser and Mr. Christian Madenspacher give out a scholarship that the students raised money for.

Class of 2018 member, Shannon McGoey, will be attending Susquehanna University. She is currently undecided in her major

“NAHS was awesome; it’s a lot of work but it’s rewarding to bring arts to the community. It’s fun to do everything with your friends. My favorite part was being able to come up with our own events. ” said McGoey.