Get to know the new LHS teacher: Amber Patterson


Yesenia Montenegro

Mrs. Patterson helps her environmental science students Scott Boone and Corwin Verdin with a lab experiment.

by Yesenia Montenegro, Reporter

Mrs. Amber Patterson is the new Environmental Science and Physics of Earth and Space science teacher. Before coming to Linganore, Patterson taught at Crestwood Middle School and Frederick High School. She says she will definitely want to keep teaching for many more years.

Thirteen is a scientifically lucky number for Amber Patterson.  After teaching for thirteen years, she still enjoys teaching and science.

Patterson describes herself as very studious in high school. She was the vice-president of the National Honor Society and a part of the environmental club. She also enjoyed playing sports at school. She was on the track and field team, cross country team, and swim team. 

Her advice about high school is to have a group of close friends that you can trust and have fun with.

Mrs. Patterson went to Seton Hill University, a liberal arts school in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. She majored in biology.

Before becoming a teacher she she was a research scientist for two years. After that she earned her masters in teaching and started her career as a teacher.

She has always enjoyed science, even as a child. Science was her favorite subject in school, especially biology. 

Mrs. Patterson prefers to teach older teens because the science is more advanced and interesting. She has taught middle and high school levels at her two previous schools.

“I really like that each student is unique and that I get to know so many different individuals,” she said.

“Everyone is nice and the students are so friendly, even to each other. I have witnessed very little bullying with the students,” she said.

Patterson is popular among the students as well. “She is a really good teacher and doesn’t go too fast, so I understand the material better,” one of her students, Class of 2019 Jessica Flores, said.

Mrs. Patterson is a part-time teacher, only at LHS for the first semester.

Even though Mrs. Patterson has been a teacher for a long time, she was a little nervous about starting at Linganore. Before this school year, she had taken a six-year break from teaching to raise her chidren. Even though she took a break, she worked at schools part time. 

She thinks the most important science issues that need to be solved are finding cures for diseases. “There’s lots of problems that need to be fixed, but I think we should find cures for diseases like cancer.”

Patterson wants to get her students interested in learning more about science and wants to encourage them to continue to take science classes.