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At 15, Barbagallo aims for pilot’s license


Dominic standing next to a Liberty XL2, which he frequently flies.

Dominic standing next to a Liberty XL2, which he frequently flies.

Courtesy of Dominic Barbagallo

Courtesy of Dominic Barbagallo

Dominic standing next to a Liberty XL2, which he frequently flies.

by Jacob Bolger, Reporter

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He flies planes through the air as a hobby, but is well grounded in his education, Student Government, and soccer. Dominic Barbagallo is a member of the Linganore High School Class of 2019.

One of the things that set Barbagallo apart from other Linganore students is his passion for aviation. In order to earn his pilot’s license, he attends bimonthly classes where the students are educated on a specific topic, such as engine stalling or mechanical failure. After this, students get to put their skills to use by flying with an instructor. “The pilot’s seat is the real first class,” said Barbagallo.

“I believe one of his biggest accomplishments in flying is his confidence as a pilot. He’s more at ease in the cockpit than behind the wheel of a car,” said Una Barbagallo, Dominic’s mom.

He can earn his pilot’s license soon, before he gets his driver’s license. You can earn your pilot’s license at age 16.

He is currently the second vice president, a position in which he helps the president and vice president fulfill their duties.

Mr. Jeremy Brown, the leader of the Linganore Student Government Association, said “Dominic is dynamite. He is very good at completing any task, but only once he motivates himself to start.”

Before he graduates from high school, he wants to become a Student Member of the Board for the Student Government Association.

The student member is a special position where a Frederick County high school student is given the opportunity to input their ideas and opinions into the school board meetings. In order to acquire this position, candidates must submit a packet and be entered into an election. This process is open to all sophomores and juniors in a Frederick County SGA program.

Barbagallo is also a member of the JV Soccer team. When he was younger, he played for LOUYAA and LRC, which are both local recreational sports programs. With the Linganore team, Barbagallo normally plays defensive positions.

As a child, he lived “a beautifully controlled childhood,” said Dominic. His father worked a 6 to 6 job, so he didn’t see him much during the week. Barbagallo grew up fishing in the bay at his grandparent’s house and playing basketball with his younger brother.

When he is an adult, Barbagallo wants to either fly in the military or fly as an airline pilot.



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  1. Dominic Barbagallo on March 10th, 2017 1:50 pm

    This is GREAT!!! Good job Jake.


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At 15, Barbagallo aims for pilot’s license