Ally’s Duda’s picks: 10 gifts to buy your girlfriend this holiday season


10 gifts every girl is asking to get for this holiday season.

by Allyson Duda, Reporter

Shopping for a girlfriend can be difficult, no matter her personality, but with any one of these gifts she is guaranteed to love what you get her.

Fuzzy Blankets –

Girls dragging their blankets instead of a coat to school is more likely than not these days, so the blankets get torn up after a while. If it’s homemade or purchased from a store, it doesn’t matter. She is guaranteed to love a new one.

A great style blanket for girls is always available at Walmart for around $10.

Hannah Johnson said this is at the top of her list, “They are warm and fuzzy, and we can cuddle!”

Customized Jewelry –

To most girls, there is at least one piece of their jewelry that means a lot to her and she never takes it off. One way to show your girlfriend how much she means to you is by choosing something that she will make sure never gets lost. The best places to make personalized jewelry are normally online.

Myah Davies said she wants something that she knows took time to choose. “It’s something special that you can wear and have a piece of someone special with you when you wear it.”

Homemade Gifts –

Homemade gifts say the most no matter what they are. They prove that your girlfriend is someone who is worth taking time. Ideas could be a framed picture of the two of you, a picture album of your adventures together, or “open when…” cards for various occasions. All of these show her what kind of effort you are willing to put into something.

Supplies to create these can be bought at any craft store or Walmart/ Target. Prices can vary from $2-20, depending upon what you create.

Katie Constantine has said, “I would want a homemade gift because they are the most thoughtful and last the longest.”

Tumbler Cups –

Having too many tumbler cups is not a girl problem. The more a girl has, the more she collects! For a standard tumbler cup that keeps drinks hot or cold for a long amount of time, the price is around $29.99 on Amazon.

“I would definitely use a tumbler cup all of the time, so it’d be the best gift that would get the most use out of,” said sophomore Hunter Wolf.

Sweatshirts –

Girls love being comfy cozy 24/7. Sweatshirts can provide that lazy day feel with a cute look at the same time. The perfect sweatshirts are found at H&M because their sweatshirts can be dressed up or down and still look amazing for around $25.

“I would definitely want a sweatshirt because I would wear it year round and use it all of the time,” said Allie Sible.

Pajama Pants –

Gifts that get the most use out of them are definitely ones that girls love to receive. Pajama pants never go out of style. These can be bought at Walmart for around $2-10.

Angelique Fink says “Pajama pants would be one of my top gifts because they would get plenty of use out of them.”

Fuzzy Socks –

Especially in the winter months, keeping your feet warm can be hard when your favorite fuzzy socks have been around for a little too long. The best and most comfortable ones are available at Target for around $7 for a pack of two.

Cassie Nalepa says “A lot of my fuzzy socks are worn out, and they are very comfortable and keep my feet warm.”

Ivory Ella Apparel –

When her favorite animal is an elephant, why wouldn’t you purchase something to save them? Ivory Ella is a company where a portion of each purchase is donated to a “Save the Elephants” foundation to protect elephants from being killed for their ivory tusks. Their clothing and other items are all very good quality and last a while.

Their store is online only with various pop-up stores around the country for limited times. A traditional t-shirt or long-sleeve is around $20-30. However, the price of other items that are limited-time tend to be higher.

Solana Rios-Shkodriani said she loves getting new clothes and, “The more clothes the merrier!”

Gift sets –

Beauty supplies can be expensive to constantly keep up with, but during the holiday season, girls stock up while everything is marked down at a lower price.

Stores with gift sets including perfume, lotion, body wash, and/or other beauty supplies are ones that tend to be a hit. Sometimes there are even clothing stores that have gift sets available for purchase with some of their best selling items at an extremely low price.

Bath and Body Works, Ulta, or JCPenney are generally the best places to buy gift sets for a little amount of money.

Olivia Kuehner says, “There’s a bunch of presents all in one, and it’s more exciting when you open it.”

Favorite Food/ Snacks –

Food is a girl’s best friend, something she always wants, and one thing she can always rely on to make her feel better. This gift is probably the most cost effective and is not hard to find.

“I would love if he got me food because just the fact he remembered what all of my favorite foods were and gave them to me all together would make me extremely happy.” said Maggie Adams.