Con Carriage Ride- A cruel and outdated method of transportation


by Katie Gallagher

Protesters seen standing at the pick up and drop off area for the carriage rides.

by Fiona Rowan, Guest Reporter

An animal rights group led by Michael and Stacy Boyer have been protesting against the Lambert Carriage Company seasonal rides in downtown Frederick.

I agree that horse drawn carriages are a cruel and outdated way of transport in busy cities. Not only is it inhumane, but it’s dangerous to the horses and others.

Horses are traveling on pavement all day long, which can be detrimental to their joints and hooves. They also can face respiratory problems from breathing in exhaust fumes from all the car traffic and even drop dead from heat strokes.

According to PETA, a carriage horse named Max collapsed in New York City during a carriage tour in 2017. His owners claimed he “tripped” but a bystander said that the horse was breathing heavily before he collapsed.

Horse drawn carriages can also pose a threat to nearby drivers, civilians, and the passengers in the carriage. Horses are animals that have a “flight” mechanism rather than “fight” when facing a dangerous situation. Animals and people can be seriously hurt when a horse is spooked and runs amok.

Fox News covered a story that took place in December 2017 when a horse drawn carriage collided with two cars. The horses got spooked and ran out of control with eight people on the carriage ride.

Glee actress, Lea Michele, has also raised her voice against the cruelty in horse drawn carriages. She created a video that takes a first hand look at the suffering carriage horses endure.

Biloxi, Mississippi; Camden, New Jersey; Key West, Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, and Treasure Island, Florida; and Salt Lake City—have already banned horse-drawn carriages. The only way to put an end to this abuse is to continue protesting and contact local legislators to encourage them to sponsor a ban against carriage rides.

Michael Boyer, a vegan, is active on Facebook, sponsoring events and petitions to change animal cruelty laws. On his Facebook page, he sponsors “Rise Up Shut it Down” and “Cube of Truth,” events that work to end animal farming.

According to the Frederick News Post, the Boyers plan to continue protesting for “as long as necessary.”  If you love animals, you should partake in the protests next carriage ride season in Frederick.