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Fidget spinners whirl out of class control

Connor Browne spinning a fidget spinner on his nose

Connor Browne spinning a fidget spinner on his nose

Natalie Rebetsky

Natalie Rebetsky

Connor Browne spinning a fidget spinner on his nose

by Devin Barge, Editor

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Fidget spinners are handheld toys, that can spin minutes on end with a single spin. This new fad has become a worldwide phenomenon as kids and adults continue to buy this toy, increasing its market value and giving teachers big headaches.

The science behind the fidget spinners is quite simple really, the spinner uses several ball bearings that surround a single ball bearing at its center. With little friction, the spinner is able to spin for a long time. The original marketing purpose of these toys, was to assist children who suffer from ADHD, by helping them concentrate in class. But the toys are used for multiple purposes, as its intended audience broadened.  Some professionals question the connection between fidget spinners and increased attention.

“They help to reduce my urge to move around in class, so I’m not causing such a disruption during class. Just spinning it makes me feel calm.” said junior Max Jagger.

Fidget spinners can help any kid concentrate in class, with just the flick of a finger. They can provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. Fidget spinners also serve as a quiet and less disruptive alternative to kids who resort to using their phones in class. Even though they are still toys, students can pay attention to their instructors while spinning the toy underneath to heir desks.

That’s one way to look at the situation.

“I first saw fidget spinners in an ad on Twitter, so I clicked on it and learned more about it. After I found out what exactly it was, I realized that I had to have it, and now I have three of them.” said Jagger.

For others, the toy is a real annoyance–students are NOT paying attention in class because they are busy showing off their spinning skills.

“I feel like if students are not diagnosed with an attention deficiency disorder, then they shouldn’t be using the tool since it’s designed for that purpose. There are other ways to cope with stress such as using stress balls, or bendables.” said Ms. Alburto.

The spinners have been banned by schools in entire states and, locally, on some buses and at elementary schools. Even if they don’t disturb others, students aren’t permitted to have toys in school.Even if this popular invention was originally designed to help specific groups of students to focus in school, they are still first and foremost, toys.

“I think that the appeal of fidget spinners comes from the fact that they are cheap, easily accessible, and are helpful to most of those who buy them.” said Jagger.

Do you have a fidget spinner and want to learn how to do some cool tricks? Here’s a Youtube link for 5 EASY FIDGET SPINNER TRICKS FOR BEGINNERS


Attempt these tricks at your own risk. It is smart to perform these tricks over a soft surface, such as grass or carpet in order to assure that your spinner doesn’t break apart from being dropped (Unless you’re already a pro).

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Fidget spinners whirl out of class control