Binge watch recommendation: Grey’s Anatomy returns for 14th season

What will happen this season on Greys Anatomy?

What will happen this season on Grey’s Anatomy?

by Allyson Duda, Reporter

Grey’s Anatomy, a show about a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, is now back and in its 14th season. You may even need to take your blood pressure after almost every episode.

So far this season, viewers have been shocked by the most talented neurosurgeon having a brain tumor. We are trying to figure out if Alex Karev and Jo Wilson are finally getting back together for good. Also, with Megan Hunt returned to Seattle after being missing from the military and presumed dead for ten years, Meredith Grey and Nathan Riggs’ relationship is questionable.

This season is definitely one that fans might hyperventilate.

Recently, the creator of Grey’s, Shonda Rhimes has announced that she has been hooked into a new multi-year contract with Netflix to create some of the Netflix Original Series, but she will continue to stay with Grey’s Anatomy. According to an article on Variety.comHer shingle, Shondaland, will begin producing new series for Netflix while she continues to stay involved in her current broadcast series.”

So what is the anatomy of this great show? Why watch it?

The Gray matterGrey’s Anatomy makes you think.

Each time a new patient comes into the hospital, somehow the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital find a way to come up with the most creative and unique approach to any type of disease, tumor, or trauma. Imagining that they are real doctors, how is it possible to come up with a solution so quickly? Other than thinking of what will happen inside of the hospital, this show gets into the personal lives and relationships of the most talented doctors.

Episode 2 of Season 14 makes viewers think about what did Andrew DeLuca’s sister have to do with the plot of the new season, but then she discovers a brain tumor in a vital character of the series. When Megan Hunt comes back to America from being in combat with an abdomen wound that never healed properly, Meredith Grey was able to give Hunt an abdominal wall transplant.

Viewers become much more aware of medicine and medical terms.

The mouth and vocal cords – Characters have great dialogue and witty comebacks

The dialogue of the show is all medical terms which seem to be confusing at first, but after a few episodes viewers get the hang of all of the new language. Especially when the actors get more intense with their lines, it doesn’t seem to matter if some of the words are unfamiliar: the actors take the conversation and make it more dramatic.

Alex Karev is definitely the most vocal character of the show because he is truly not afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t hold back his opinion. For example in Season 13 Episode 4, Karev was to have an appointment that he couldn’t miss at his attorney’s office and when his temporary supervisor at the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic would not let him leave,  Karev came back with a few choice words about hating the clinic and how it was only a temporary job for him.

Heart  – Characters we love the most

Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Amelia Shepherd, and Jo Wilson. These characters are all very different, but when they are paired with each other, they manage to get the best outcomes. While Grey is trying to figure out if her relationship with Riggs is still happening, Wilson and Karev are together again making millions of viewers happy to see their favorite couple. Then, Shepard may have her own problems with Hunt, but they seemed to be pretty happy together after Episode 4 of season 14, so only time will tell to see what happens with their marriage.

For those who haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, my prescription is to catch up with seasons 1-13. With 19 episodes still left in Season 14 don’t forget to watch it on ABC Network every Thursday night at 8:00 p.m.