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Get ready for sleepless nights with MBK’s sinister audio dramas

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by Nicholas Stephan, Reporter

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In a world full of modern horror and cult classics, it’s rare that something other than a movie or book makes it big with fans and critics. The horror industry often finds itself incapable of bringing fresh scares to an audience that’s ‘seen it all’, but Youtube’s Mr. Betty Krueger’s popular audio dramas based loosely on characters from the creepypasta genre deliver just that.

Creepypastas are essentially internet horror stories and myths that are passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name “creepypasta” comes from the word “copypasta,” an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website. These various digital campfire stories became relatively popular back in 2012, which is where most of today’s favored tales derive from.

Born in Reston, Virginia, Mr. Betty Krueger, real name Patrick Ferguson, is an American voice actor and impressionist famous for his portrayals of characters from the creepypasta mythos, as well as classic icons such as Freddy Krueger and the Joker. He is equally famous for his fun and frightening horror audio dramas starring a slew of these internet characters. Ferguson discovered his ability to do these voices from an early age.

“I thought, if I already had the advantage of range in my voice, then if I could harness a good acting ability, then why the heck not?” he said in an interview.

Ferguson’s first encounters with horror included Frank Langella’s Dracula as well as A Nightmare on Elm Street. At an young age, Ferguson would film short horror films with his friends, all which stared him as the ‘slasher’ or villain.

Beginning his channel in 2011, Patrick Ferguson brings a unique brand of scares with his videos and films. Inspired often by his dreams, or nightmares rather, Patrick Ferguson has a talent for intense detail and creative visuals.

“Writing in general is a very sudden experience. I mean, if I have an idea and I truly believe in it, the words just seem to leak out of my head. Or better yet, crash down like a waterfall. Not hard to do when your mind works like that.”

MBK and his crew have made an impressive effort to frighten a desensitized audience, as well as attempt to bring these characters into the horror universe they deserve.

Ferguson’s audio dramas focus heavily on one of his most cherished voices, a creepypasta character known as Jeff the Killer. His first audio drama in a the series, Needles and Smiles, stars the titular serial killer Jeff as he attempts to survive the confines of Ferguson’s Asylum run by a mad warden.

The Needles and Smiles series has content that is not appropriate for all, but it is similar to the stories of R-rated classic horror stories.

Written by Ferguson himself, Needles and Smiles remains a fan favorite, ranking in at an impressive 185,000 views. With an imposing narrative as this story’s foundation, it is backed up by magnificent voice acting.

With Patrick Ferguson and fellow voice actor David Near as a majority of the characters, their talents will make you cry with laughter and shiver in terror, as well as everything in between. As a long time Arkham fan, this particular drama is enticing to me for how it writes the madhouse, and has a very One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest vibe paired with a horror twist.

Following the release of Needles and Smiles came Jeffery’s Dead: The Final Sleep (a fun reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street film, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare). A fantastic sequel to its predecessor, Jeffery’s Dead keeps the fun from the original, and adds fresh storytelling to back it up.

Uploaded onto MBK’s second channel, MBK2, and written by Ferguson (the funnest for him to write), the second title in his original creepypasta series captures the feel of cult horror classics from the 80’s, like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser.

With the same voice cast as before, Jeffery’s Dead remains fans second favorite with a still impressive 82,000 views. It stars Jeff once again, having escaped Ferguson’s Asylum alongside fellow killer Toby Rodgers, and after reuniting with his brother, begins his body count de novo. Jeffery’s Dead engrossed me with its suburban atmosphere, very reminiscent to the original Halloween.

Released on Jun 30, 2015, The House of Jeff the Killer is the third in a so far fantastic run of audio dramas. The town has been left in ruin after the events of the previous two stories. This time relying on a plentiful helping of unsettling imagery and full on horror combined with enticing storytelling, Ferguson’s third installment adds new characters to follow.

As many fan’s favorite of the series, including Patrick Ferguson himself, The House of Jeff the Killer begins as a family moves to the now desolate town. With an almost Amityville House horror style to it, Patrick Ferguson based The House of Jeff the Killer oddly on the reverse of most slasher films.

“Freddy Kruger was scary as heck in the first Nightmare or two, but later on he became almost a parody of himself, in a way. My Jeff was more comedic in the first two dramas, but once House dropped, I really felt the character,” said Ferguson.

The final audio drama to be released so far, The Blood of Jeff the Killer, journeys back to its original roots, but this time follows Toby Rogers and Jane Keaton as they attempt to thwart the sinister Zalgo, a demon hellbent on death and destruction.

The Blood of Jeff the Killer relies more on horror/comedy with a very Evil Dead feel towards the end. This is my third favorite in the series simply for its expansive storytelling, calling back to Ferguson’s last few dramas. Co-written by newcomer Chazz Ravenelle, Ferguson’s fourth installment is certainly a heavy hitter, clocking in at a whopping two hours of thrill and engaging excitement.

These dramas are the perfect trick or treat candy for any horror fan looking for something new to watch on Halloween night. MBK’s work keeps in spirit with classics of the 80’s, and brings the obscure realms of creepypastas into the limelight for some well deserved attention. This year, give Mr. Betty Krueger that same regard by checking out his terrifying work.

Tune in to here for the full MBK interview.

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Get ready for sleepless nights with MBK’s sinister audio dramas