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Bird Box – it’s worth taking your blindfold off to see

dont open your eyes as the birds see for you

by Erich Miller and Ashley Visscher

January 23, 2019

The drama thriller Bird Box captured the hearts of many in the days following its release as one of the most anticipated Netflix originals of 2018.  In the opening of the film, the main character, Malorie, yells at her children to never take their blindfolds off, no matter what. The movie then cuts t...

The science of scared: What makes us afraid?

What makes you most scared?

by Sammie Hoefs, Editor

October 20, 2018

Do you get scared easily? Are you afraid of the dark? Do you hate horror movies? Do haunted houses freak you out? Halloween, the scariest holiday, brings some people joy and, in some cases, tears. It seems kind of odd that people would enjoy being scared, but studies show it is our bodies' natural r...

Get ready for sleepless nights with MBK’s sinister audio dramas

Get ready for sleepless nights with MBK's sinister audio dramas

by Nicholas Stephan, Reporter

October 30, 2017

In a world full of modern horror and cult classics, it’s rare that something other than a movie or book makes it big with fans and critics. The horror industry often finds itself incapable of bringing fresh scares to an audience that’s ‘seen it all’, but Youtube’s Mr. Betty Krueger’s popular a...

This is IT, the horror triumph of the year

This is IT, the horror triumph of the year

by Nicholas Stephan, Reporter

September 15, 2017

The 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s classic blood-soaked thriller novel It hit theaters on September 8th, its opening day box office record, devouring even Deadpool’s for an R-rated movie. As a young child, I was always fascinated by book’s like King’s. It follows seven kids in the Losers Club as they try and thwart an evil clown-sha...

Psychological thriller Split guarantees nightmares

James McAvoy (Split) playing as one of his personalities, Hedwig.

by Christian Nolan, Reporter

February 16, 2017

The new thriller/horror movie Split (rated R) is not your normal “horror movie” with ghosts or demons. This horror is in one man and his multiple personalities. Manoj “M. Night” Shyamalan, writer and director of Split, and director of several popular horror films, puts on a psychological show tha...

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