Bird Box – it’s worth taking your blindfold off to see


Erich Miller

dont open your eyes as the birds see for you

by Erich Miller and Ashley Visscher

The drama thriller Bird Box captured the hearts of many in the days following its release as one of the most anticipated Netflix originals of 2018. 

In the opening of the film, the main character, Malorie, yells at her children to never take their blindfolds off, no matter what. The movie then cuts to the past and the fall of humanity. Malorie is alone in her room painting, as her sister, Jessica, comes to tell her about what is happening outside of Malorie’s world.  Jessica tells her about the mass suicides happening in Russia. Malorie does not seem to care and goes on about her day.

The darkness of the movie comes to fruition after the suicides start in America. As Malorie watches people killing themselves, she realizes the horror that she and the world are diving into.

The scene in which Malorie’s sister kills herself gets everyone wondering, what is this movie? Viewers soon realize that the reason behind the suicides is that you can not look at the demons or else you will have all your fears come to your head, which will make you kill yourself.

The story about Malorie is something most movies don’t do right. She finds love, hope, and faith, but it all unravels right in front of her eyes as she is forced to flee with her two children.

Bird Box does many things right. The atmosphere of fear is perfectly contagious. The woods are a dangerous area to be in especially when you can’t see. The most suspenseful scenes come within these woods. The woods are found by people who can withstand the monsters and once people open their eyes, these people become either insane or demons themselves. The film wants you to realize the humans are the monsters of the world and this movie captures that.

This movie is truly a masterpiece. It is a horror movie to twist the senses like “Hush” where they can’t hear, “A Quiet Place” where they can’t speak, and now “Bird Box” where they can’t see.

The birds are a signal for the invisible monster. Birds go ballistic as the monster nears, and the brilliance of some of the scenes are great. I highly recommend you watch this movie. The suspense catches you quickly and makes the viewer wanting more even after the movie is over. With its strange but unique ending, there could be so much more. Don’t be surprised when Netflix releases Bird Box 2.