How old is too old to celebrate Halloween?

by JP Lyons, Editor

Every year, millions of people come together to celebrate Halloween by carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, dressing up in wacky costumes and even trick-or-treating.

However, the question arises: is there a certain point at which people become too old to celebrate Halloween?

Linganore junior Spencer Mckinstry came to school on Halloween dressed as a zombie student. His costume featured bloody makeup with a pencil going through his head.

Mckinstry reports to have spent 45 minutes before school doing his makeup to perfect his costume.

“I will probably dress up for Halloween until I’m 30,” said McKinstry.

Other students like McKinstry have no intentions on stopping their Halloween celebrations any time soon.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday. Why would I ever stop celebrating?” said sophomore Kayleigh Lake.

Tom Kraft (left) and Chris O’Brien (right) are happy with Halloween spirit. (JP Lyons)

Many teachers took advantage of Halloween falling on a school day as well.

Several of the English teachers including Lauren Seibert, Randi Kirkland, Patti Kolias and Alexis Anzmann dressed as the Sanderson sisters and Thackery Binx from the iconic Halloween film, “Hocus Pocus.”

Linganore counselor Chris O’Brien nailed his costume. He dressed as a ketchup bottle to coordinate with his daughter’s hotdog costume.

O’Brien has always participated in Halloween, especially since adulthood when he began to dress up with his kids.

“Ever since I have had kids, I’ve been all about it [Halloween],” said O’Brien.

However, not everyone was in tune with the Halloween spirit this year.

“I’ve outgrown Halloween and haven’t trick-or-treated or worn a costume since I was twelve,” said sophomore Aidan Enders.

Other students reported that something felt off about this year’s spooky season.

“It doesn’t feel like Halloween this year. It kind of came out of nowhere,” said junior Ashly Ratti.

However, the Linganore teachers seemed to prove that one can never be too old to catch the Halloween spirit.

O’Brien completely ignored the question of when is an appropriate age to stop trick-or-treating. He believes there is no age limit.

“I personally believe you should never stop trick or treating,” said O’Brien.

Either way, the Lancers’ Halloween spirit was in full display on Monday, and it was great seeing everyone’s creative costumes.