LHSsees2020: Chris Brown ‘Rams’ into Richmond

Chris Brown will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this August as a criminal justice major, with a pre-law track.

His final two choices were the University of Hawaii and VCU, but according to Brown he knew VCU would be a better option for his focus area of study. “VCU has a better program for my major. It was the best choice for me.”

Brown is hoping to take advantage of everything VCU has to offer. “I want to get involved in YoungLife which I’ve done for four years an also play club volleyball.”

Enjoying the city atmosphere,Brown is feeling excited to be on campus. “I love the campus because it’s really diverse, and there’s a ton of awesome things to do in Richmond.”

After selecting to have a roommate assigned at random, Brown is eager to find out who he will be living with next year, “I don’t know my roommate yet, but hopefully I will find out soon.”