LHSsees2020: Tony Komara turns into an Auburn Tiger


This August Tony Komara will be dressing in his navy and orange to attend Auburn University in Alabama.

The beautiful campus and warm weather convinced Komara that Auburn was the school for him.  “As soon as I go there I knew I just had to go there next year.”

Planning to study geology, Komara is looking forward to getting involved in his major and taking advantage of the opportunities Auburn will provide him. He is also planning to get involved on campus outside of his studies. “I’ll be playing club lacrosse,” he said.

In addition to his own games, Komara is hoping to attend lots of tailgates and sporting events. Feeling especially excited for September third, Auburn will be playing Clemson as their season opener game. Komara’s family, including his sister who is a Clemson alumni, will be heading down to Alabama to attend the game.

“It’s a rivalry between me and my sister; plus it will be a fun game to have them come to because it’s the first game of the season at Auburn. “