LHSsees2020: Abigail Montgomery continues the tiger tradition, as she seeks to earn her stripes


Being a Missouri native, Abigail Montgomery has been a tiger fan since before she can remember.  “Mizzou” was practically her first word.  Growing up around campus going to football games, tailgating, and cheering on her favorite players at Faurot Field, Montgomery knew she wanted to someday be a part of not only Mizzou’s many traditions, but also her family’s, her dad being a Mizzou alumni.  

With attending the University of Missouri as a journalism major being her primary goal for her future, Montgomery focused her time at Linganore High School  as Managing Editor for the Linganore’s newspaper, The Lance, as well as demonstrating her leadership skills, as a football captain for the pom team the last two years and competition captain for the past three years.

The combination of traditions, campus life, the close proximity to family, and the school being home to the number one journalism school in the country, were all factors that allowed Montgomery to know the University of Missouri was where she wanted to spend the next four years of her life.  Going on the official campus tour only further validated her decision.

In fact, Montgomery was so excited to possibly become a future tiger, the first day applications were accepted, she applied.

With tiger blood in her veins, Montgomery is ready to go from black and red to black and gold, and pursue her life-long dream of becoming a Missouri tiger.