LHSsees2020: Lexi Gillum chooses Greensboro


Planning to study human biology with a pre-med track, Lexi Gillum wanted to pick a school with a good science program. With that thought in mind, Gillum will be attending University of North Carolina, Greensboro this fall.

Gillum knew UNCG was the school for her after she visited in person. “I was immediately in love with the campus and small town feel.”

Looking forward to August, Gillum is excited to take advantage of the opportunities attending UNCG will provide her. In addition to get involved in her major, Gillum is planning to join clubs on campus and rush a sorority so she can be involved in Greek life.

Gillum is excited to enjoy he beautiful campus as well as the surrounding city. “What I love about the campus is the layout of the dorms, along with the city that surrounds it.”

Gillum is thrilled to be starting taking the next big step in her life. She cannot wait to meet her roommate, as well as new classmates this August.