LHSsees2020: Gorham and Wiland set sail for St. Mary’s College of Maryland


This fall, Emily Gorham and Rhiannon Wiland plan to take the next step in their education at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

Gorham plans to study history or political science, while Wiland will be majoring in mathematics.

Wiland likes the school because “It has sailing; because it’s in state; because it’s two hours and eleven minutes from my house; and that’s my birthday, February 11th.”

St. Mary’s is well-known for being on the water, and sailing is a community activity.

Both girls also like the idea of a small school, “I loved the atmosphere, the campus, wanted a small school,” said Gorham.

The school is also one of the happiest colleges in the U.S., creating the perfect learning environment for the girls.

Wiland said, “I’ll probably miss tennis the most. It’s been one of the best parts of high school.”

Gorham said that she would miss her friends most, and she’s looking forward to “Independence, being able to meet new people, and studying my major.”