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Class of 2017: LHS senior artists craft their way down to 11 days

Class of 2017: LHS senior artists craft their way down to 11 days

by Cindy Zheng, Reporter

May 9, 2017

With only 11 days left until seniors bid a goodbye from the school year, the art students prepare for their bright future ahead, continuing their education and creativity. Some seniors who took part in the art department include Valerie Coblentz, Elise Fenstermacher, Megan Wilhelm, and Melissa Darl...

Oh, the places you’ll go: Tory Spruill ‘rams’ into Virginia Commonwealth University

Tory Spruill will be going to Virginia Commonwealth University next year to continue her education.

by Grace Weaver, Editor-in-Chief

May 2, 2017

Tory Spruill will travel to Richmond, Virginia this fall to attend Virginia Commonwealth University and study photography. Her first year at Richmond will consist of art foundation classes, where Spruill plans to expand her skills and, possibly, widen her horizons when it comes to her career path. ...

Class of 2017: NEHS seniors bid a poetic farewell with 22 days left

(From left to right) Class of 2017 members Courtney Green, Garrett Wiehler, Samantha Buckman, Elise Fenstermacher, Rowan Tinney, Caitlyn Kubik, Olivia Wolfe, Rayanne Eaves, and Gabriella Wolfe celebrate 22 days left with sidewalk chalk.

by Tory Spruill, Photo Editor

April 24, 2017

The LHS chapter of the National English Honor Society annually celebrates National Poetry Month with their Poetry on the Sidewalk event in April. On April11, a hot sunny day, members wrote poems, including quotes from Robert Frost, Richard Siken, Rupi Kaur, and many more. Class of 2017 NEHS parti...

LHSsees2020: Chris Brown ‘Rams’ into Richmond

LHSsees2020: Chris Brown 'Rams' into Richmond

by Elena Guardia, Reporter

May 5, 2016

Chris Brown will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University this August as a criminal justice major, with a pre-law track. His final two choices were the University of Hawaii and VCU, but according to Brown he knew VCU would be a better option for his focus area of study. "VCU has a better progr...

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