20 under 20: Unique gifts for your favorite fangirl (or fanboy)

by Elizabeth Anderson, Reporter

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If you’re struggling to find a holiday present for that one person you love to death but won’t be satisfied with a simple t-shirt or gift card to Barnes and Noble? That one person who just so happens to be obsessed with some terrifying television show or book series that doesn’t seem to end? Look no further- here’s a list that’ll give you easy access to gift ideas in any fandom your character maniac is a part of (well, not every one is included here, but I can’t write a thousand-fandom list here), and to make it even better, all of these items are $20 or less (plus shipping and tax).

From Sherlock cookie cutters to Doctor Who cookbooks, here’s 20 gifts under $20 that’ll make shopping a whole lot easier for you.

1 & 2. Star Wars Fanatics

Star Wars Ugly Sweater Mugs

from ThinkGeek
Star Wars Ugly Sweater Mugs

Is your gift receiver defeating the Empire? Give them these Star Wars Cozy Yoda Slippers! Whether for sleep or epic battles, this is one uniform they don’t want to leave at headquarters. Featuring Yoda’s face on the outside and fuzzy comfort within, they’re guaranteed wisdom and warmth. These are at HotTopic.com for $14.90.

Another great wintery item to get is a Star Wars Ugly Sweater Mug. Keeping their hot cocoa and their heart warm with thoughts of their favorite Star Wars characters, either of these red or green ceramic mugs–the green one featuring Yoda and the red Darth Vader. You can find these on ThinkGeek.com for $12.99.

BBC Sherlock Portraits Cookie Cutter Set

from Warpzone Prints
BBC Sherlock Portraits Cookie Cutter Set

3 & 4. Obsessed Sherlockians

If you’re shopping for someone with a sweet tooth (for sugar or Benedict Cumberbatch), how about giving this BBC Sherlock Portraits Cookie Cutter Set? Not only will it provide a reminder of their favorite television show during the holidays, maybe they’ll give you some of the cookies, too! Get these from WarpzonePrints.com for $12.

No need to leave out the wonderful Martin Freeman in this list of gifts–this 221B Bag End Tote is a reminder of not only his time as Sherlock’s sidekick but the time he spent in the role of the beloved Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit movie trilogy. You can find these on RedBubble.com for $20 exactly.

5, 6, & 7. Not-So-Average Potterheads

from Etsy
Ministry of Magic Toilet Decal

If you want to give your Harry Potter fan a laugh, then nab this Ministry Of Magic Toilet Decal Sticker. Maybe it’ll prove to be enchanted and they’ll actually be able to transport themselves to the Ministry! You never know where magic’s going to pop up. This is on Etsy.com for $5.95.

And, if they want to spice up their room, you can download some awesome Printable Daily Prophet Covers for them to hang on their wall!  Get them at Etsy.com for $6.33.

And last but not least for this Potterhead-themed list is a set of customizable Harry Potter Coaster Set that displays four drawings and chapter titles of your choice from the series. These can be used for drinks or as a decoration. This gift on Etsy.com for $12.

from Amazon
Star Trek Dog Spock Hoodie

8 & 9. For the Star Trek Enthusiasts

Are you buying a present for a Star Trek and dog lover? Here’s the perfect accessory–a Star Trek Dog Spock Hoodie that may or may not be more of a gift for the Star Trek fan themselves than for the dog who wears it. This is  on Amazon.com for $16.29.

Checking out the winter section of the store for some snowy goodies? Think Geek has you covered with their variety of Star Trek beanies, all proudly displaying the Starfleet insignia over a background of a choice of blue, green, red, or yellow. Take a look at ThinkGeek.com for this $14.99 gift.

from Etsy
Handmade Marvel Comic Print Bow Tie

10 & 11. Admirer of Superheroes

Does your fan like to hang out in Gotham City much? Send them off with these DC Comics Batman Cosplay Sunglasses, and they’ll be the sure center of attention. You can find these on HotTopic.com for $7.19.

Another great gift is this Handmade Marvel Comic Print Bow Tie, an in-style, trendy way to spice up an outfit or show off their love for comics galore. This colorful accessory is on Etsy.com for $11.

12 & 13. Enraptured Whovians

from ThinkGeek
Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

These Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights are perfect for any true Whovian, and will bring light into their heart and their home. Get this luminescent decoration at ThinkGeek.com for $19.99.

Another definite crowd pleaser, especially for those who like to cook, is the Official Doctor Who Cookbook, filled with all kinds of recipes from Cybermelts to the Impossible Girl’s Impossible Recipe. You can find this at Think Geek.com for $19.99.

from Hot Topic
Pokemon Alarm Clock

14, 15, & 16. Lovers of All Things Anime

Are you looking for a gift to satisfy the most obsessed of Pokémon aficionado, then treat them to getting to wake up with their favorite animation every morning! You can get this Pokémon Alarm Clock at Hot Topic.com for $18.50.

If Pokémon really isn’t their thing, but Dragon Ball Z is, then something else to give is this Dragon Ball Z Kanji Tri-Fold Chain Wallet. Perfect for carrying cash, IDs, gift cards, or whatever else, this present is useful and represents a love for a fantastic television show. This can be found at HotTopic.com for $18.90.

Next, there’s another wallet, but this time, it’s for all the fans of Sailor Moon out there. Are they getting ready to roll with the Scouts? Need something to carry their stuff in? Then this Sailor Moon Sailor Scouts Kisslock Hinge Wallet is perfect. This is another item you can find at HotTopic.com for$13.52.

17 & 18. Stranger Things Devotees

from Etsy
Stranger Things Inspired Pins

It’s time to run, not just for all those obsessed with Stranger Things, but for you to go and get this Stranger Things Run String Lights Necklace for them. Don’t let the Monster catch you! This is at HotTopic.com for $9.50.

And for all those pin lovers out there, here’s some Stranger Things Inspired Pin Badges that are all, to be honest, pretty awesome. They’ll definitely remind any true Stranger Things fan of all their favorite quotes, scenes and characters and maybe get a few more people interested in the Netflix series! Buy these on Etsy.com for $1.61 each.

19 & 20. Infatuated Hunters

from Hot Topic
Moose and Squirrel Necklace

Are you the Squirrel to your fan’s Moose? Give them this Supernatural Moose and Squirrel Necklace Set and you’ll always be close to their heart, and if they give you one of the necklaces, they’ll be close to yours. This can be purchased at HotTopic.com for $10.50.

The last fantastic present on this list is the Original Television Soundtrack for Seasons 1-5 of Supernatural. Sure to send chills down anyone’s spine, and to remind any fan of the show at anytime, this is not something to get left in the dust. Buy this on Amazon.com for $8.29.

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, make sure you don’t wait too much longer before ordering a gift for your loved one. All of these ideas are easy to order and easy to wrap. Have a wonderful holiday!

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