E-Waste drive recycles twice the goal: Photo of the day 1/18/17


Victoria Rock

Thank you, Lancer Community for the successful E-Waste collection.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

What weighs 1200 pounds?    

  • A grizzly bear
  • Smart Car
  • Heart of a blue whale
  • A cow
  • A grand piano
  • The amount of electronic waste we collected

. . .and the amount of electronic waste Lancer Media collected for safe disposal.  The total reached 1,270 pounds, 770 pound beyond the goal! Wow!

“I couldn’t believe the cart after cart of old cd’s, boom boxes, computer stacks, keyboards and old cell phones that kept arriving in our classroom.  It got to look like a giant junkyard, but Victoria kept organizing and weighing day after day,”  said Mrs. Rebetsky, Lancer Media Adviser.

The battery is full, and the E-waste Drive is over, but thanks to the LHS community. Lancer Media exceeded the goal.

If you would still like to continue recycling your e-waste, E-End recycling center would be glad to help.