Audition for the Addams Family spring musical: Photo of the day 1/8/16


Emma Wynkoop

Sign up for auditions now!

by Emma Wynkoop, Reporter

Sign ups for auditions for the spring musical, The Addams Family, are posted outside of the drama room (D101) for both aspiring actors and tech members.

The auditions will be held over the course of three days after school. January 24th will be singing auditions, the 25th will be acting, and the 26th will be dancing.

The musical is the classic Addams family dynamic meets Romeo and Juliet. 19-year-old Wednesday and her secret fiancé are driven apart by their respective families in true Montague/Capulet fashion. The show features a large cast of both principle and unique ensemble member roles.

January 24th: To prepare for auditions, students should learn a song from the musical for a role that best fits their range or they are interested in playing.

January 25th: Students should  prepare a short monologue, either from The Addams Family or from another source.

January 26th: Students will learn a short piece of choreography for the dancing audition, and should bring shoes and clothing they can comfortably dance in.

Follow @LinganoreDrama on twitter for updates on auditions and the musical, and sign up to audition January 24th, 25th, and 26th! See Mrs. Smithhisler, Mr. Norko, or Mr. Dye with any questions.