Biology students prepare for HSA: Photo of the Day 1/11/17


Bailey Davis

Haley Beck studies for the HSA exam.

by Bailey Davis, Reporter

This time of the school year is dreaded by everyone: preparation for High School Assessments. Passing the English and Algebra PARCC and Government and Biology HSAs is a graduation requirement for all students in Maryland.

An HSA is meant to test a student’s knowledge of Core Learning Goals contained in certain course content areas, and each student will take one of these assessments after they complete a course containing the Core Learning Goals.

Since the results of these assessments determine whether or not a student will graduate, an HSA must be taken very seriously with a lot of preparation.

In order to ensure that students will take these assessments to the best of their ability, most teachers offer aided and independent preparation and practice in class.

Ms. Valerie Riley is encouraging students in her Honors Biology class to take the time she gives in class to study for the Biology HSA, which will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017.

To help the students practice and prepare for the assessment, Riley assigns HSA Review Packets as classwork and homework, and also provides an HSA Quick Reference Guide which sums up everything the students have learned in the course and offers insight to what will be on the HSA itself.

She has also assigned the students to go online and take HSA practice tests, which will help to ensure good scores on the real thing.

Class of 2019 member, Haley Beck, said “Being able to study in class makes me feel more prepared for the actual exam.”