New Year, New You: Photo of the Day 1/7/2017

by Nicole Muller, Reporter

New year, new you! To celebrate the New Year, many students at Linganore have made New Year’s resolutions to improve themselves for 2017.

These are some Lancer resolutions:

Sophie Kirschner, Class of 2018: To save more money for college.

Savannah Sitler, Class of 2019: To study Spanish more and to go vegan.

Isabelle Thomas, Class of 2019: To be more honest with myself.

Nora Salter, Class of 2020: To improve grades.

Bekah Boswell, Class of 2018: To be more compassionate towards others.

Erica Houck, Class of 2018: To save money.

Meghan Adams, Class of 2017: To curse less and improve grades.

Emily Daly, Class of 2017: To be more social and to apologize less.

Emily Dellone, Class of 2017: To qualify for the Initial Fitness Test.

Thad Engel, Class of 2017: Be on a diet and exercise for Senior week.

What are your resolutions?  


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