Distinguished Graduates 2015: Kevin Law changes language learning with Cambly


Edited by Jeweliana Hendrickson

by Amanda Anderson, Reporter

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Kevin Law, who graduated from Linganore in 2001, is the 2015 Distinguished Graduate honoree in Business. He took his passion for learning and made an app called Cambly, to help others learn English.

Law says he is “honored. And I can’t wait to come back and see the new school!”

Law started  Cambly  in 2012. Users can learn English face to face via video with a tutor. Cambly offers a learning schedule, from as little as 15 minutes a day.  If a language learner uses the app for 30 minutes a day, the cost is $100 per month.  

What he likes best about his job is that he gets to talk with students all around the world. Law says, “I like that I can help a lot of people.”

Law earned his degree in computer science and math from Boston University.  Before striking out on his own, Law worked for Google Image Search  and Blip Me, Inc. as a software engineer. Blip Me is a social media app that helps friends find each other.

Law’s advice to students is, “Be curious and never stop learning. It sounds cliché, but it’s a great time in the history of learning. Anyone with an internet connection can learning anything they want, anytime, for free!”

He learned French and some Spanish when he attended trips to Spain with Spanish teacher Mr. Keith Krause.  Krause took students on trips in middle school and then in high school.

Band teacher Kevin Lloyd says Law was, “Friendly and very intelligent, good at playing saxophone.”

Law’s favorite subjects in school were French, math, and history. He liked his calculus classes taught by Mr. Jeff Jernigan and Mrs Kim Gilbert.

Law says, “They moved fast and really challenged their students. I learned a lot and got a head start for college.” He enjoyed playing hockey and still does.