Distinguished Graduate 2015: Liz Maestri makes her mark in the arts


created by Jeweliana Hendrickson

by Haley Barge

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Ever since Elizabeth Maestri was young, she found herself drawn to the stage with a longing for theater.

Maestri is a 1999 graduate, now a playwright in Washington, D.C., who has had her plays reviewed and critiqued on major stages. Critiques have appeared in BroadwayWorld, DCist, The Washington Post, DC Metro Theater Arts, and many more.

Her success embodies the reasoning for her selection to take the honor of the Art and Humanities Award at the ceremony. The Distinguished Graduate Organization will be holding a ceremony that recognizes graduates of our school who have made a difference.

Surprisingly, it was not always her dream to become a playwright. In high school, she attached herself more to her strengths in writing and used her imagination.

“I think the first idea I ever had was to be an astronaut. Shortly after that, Egyptologist,” said Maestri.

“I realized I wanted to be a playwright as a career when my first play got produced in D.C.–I think that made it real in a way I hadn’t expected. I developed an interest in play writing when I was living in New York and was exposed to so many exciting artists, but it didn’t really sink in that I could do it until I was back in D.C.,” said Maestri.  

During her high school years Maestri was involved in many extracurricular activities. These include marching band, concert band, drama department, German Club, and swim team.

Linganore was “Kind of an arty chill place to go to high school. I really loved my teachers. I loved my classes,” said Maestri. 

A teacher who greatly impacted Maestri as a Lancer is band director Kevin Lloyd. Not only did Lloyd guide her as a student, but he also helped to solidify and bolster the beginnings of her career.

“Liz was a terrific student and was a freshman when I began teaching at Linganore in the fall of 1995. She played clarinet and was very intelligent. Liz had a sharp, sarcastic wit and was mature beyond her years. She was very involved in our drama department,” said Kevin Lloyd.  

Once she completed high school, Maestri went on to earn her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland where she majored in theater.

Her works include Inheritance Canyon, Sinner-Man, House Beautiful, Condo Condo Condoland, Somersaulting, Fallbeil, and Owl Moon.

“I attended one of her productions at the DC Fringe Festival a couple years ago and was very impressed,” said Lloyd.

Maestri has won the Weissberg Foundation Award (2014), the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities YAP Award (2010),  and the Theatre Patrons Award (2001).

“I’m so flattered! It’s quite an honor. I’m also really proud to be a Maestri, too–my brother Dave got the same award a few years ago, so it’s nice to keep the LHS love going in the family,” said Maestri in response to her recognition.  

At the 2013 Distinguished Graduates Ceremony her brother, David Maestri, was recognized in Business.

For current Lancers, Maestri has some words of advice.

“Pay attention. Pay attention to the people around you. Pay attention to yourself and notice the various ways you’re changing as a person.”

“Take advantage of your amazing teachers and your free education.”

“High school goes very quickly and you probably don’t have full-on adult responsibilities yet, so don’t float through it or take this time for granted.”

“Sometimes it’s like Ugh, I just want to get through this, but I think it’s always best to ask yourself, How can I absorb the most while I’m here, and what am I going to do next?”