Joe Calder: Most likely to…cheer you to victory

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Joe Calder: Most likely to…cheer you to victory

graphic by Olivia DuBro

graphic by Olivia DuBro

graphic by Olivia DuBro

by Olivia DuBro, Editor

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This is the third story in Lancer Media’s 2015 Summer Series: Most Likely to…

These feature stories highlight rising seniors who are becoming role models of Lancer Spirit.

In August, the mention of a new school year receives eye rolls, heavy sighing, whining, and sarcasm, but students often forget about the fun and excitement the school year has to offer.

There will be pep rallies, school dances, clubs, new classes, a chance to make new friends, and sports like soccerbasketball, baseball/softball, track/cross country, cheerleading, field hockey, lacrosse, unified sports, and, of course, football.

The Linganore football bleachers speak for themselves, literally. The cheers, chants, and stomping of families, students, and community members create a symphony of Lancer Pride every Friday night. Linganore loves its football team.

One of the most notable football traditions at LHS is the Tribe. The members of the Tribe includes several seniors who paint their chests and backs in support of the players on the field. They lead the student section in chants like the classic, “I believe that we will win” and “Let’s goooooo, Linganore.” Most every Friday night for the past three years, Calder has been contributing to the chants and booming howls coming from the student section. Now, he will get to be a leader of that same student section.

Calder says, “I had always hoped that I would lead the Tribe my senior year. When Chaz [Atchison, ’15] nominated me, I felt like I was an actual contender.”

Calder cannot play competitive sports because of a heart abnormality called  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, but he CAN cheer on his athlete peers at sporting events.

Calder was officially announced the student section Tribe leader on May 14, 2015 via Twitter.  The 2014-2015 Tribe members announced the results based on a survey students took to determine who they would prefer the leader to be.

“When I found out I was actually going to be Chief, I already started thinking about what next year would be like. I’m really excited to help make the Linganore student section the best and loudest in the state.”

These painted boys have more responsibilities than you might think. Each week, the Chief of the Tribe meets with Athletic Director Sonny Joseph to discuss Tribe expectations, limitations, and to approve banners and section themes.

The Tribe chooses themes each week to show school spirit. Some of the most recognizable themes have been the classic “Red-out” and infamous “Camo-out.”

Calder says, “We’ve already been thinking about some different student section themes. We want to do something different that people can really get into–something people haven’t done before.”

The Tribe also shares important information like tailgating locations, game themes, community awareness, and other information regarding sports or Linganore in general on their twitter account.

All of the members of the Tribe look forward to cheering on their fans every Friday night.

Collectively, they say, “We can’t wait to get the entire student section pumped. Our goal is to make Friday nights what everyone looks forward to this fall.”

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