Most likely to care for our children: Katherine Zhou

Katherine demonstrates her piano abilities for a small group of students at school

Noah Ismael

Katherine demonstrates her piano abilities for a small group of students at school

by Jessica Steves, Reporter

This is the tenth and last story in Lancer Media’s Summer Series: Most Likely to… These feature stories highlight students who are becoming role models of Lancer Spirit.

When the class of 2015 has children of their own, Katherine Zhou might very well be their pediatrician.

Zhou wants to help people and believes in finding success where it seems impossible to find — which is a good thing, because becoming a pediatrician typically requires 11 years of training (four years to acquire a bachelor’s degree, another four years to acquire a medical degree, and then three years of “residency” training.)

But Katherine isn’t intimidated.

In fact, she’s already planning ahead and has earned an internship at the NCI (National Cancer Institute) over the summer and into the next school year as hands-on training for college and her career. After graduation in 2015, she plans to major in biology.

Zhou is interested in more than the sciences; she adores and finds inspiration in music. She uses music to help balance the stress of her rigorous academics. She began playing the piano at age six and practices for an hour every day. She also played the piano at the induction ceremony for the French Honor Society in the spring.

“We encourage Katherine to explore many different possibilities,” Katherine’s father said.  “She finds where her talents are and focuses more on her interests.” Katherine’s father came to the United States from China in the early 1990’s to go to graduate school and later pursued his career in biomedical research.

Aside from music, Katherine has won awards for her progress in Spanish and maintains a 4.0 GPA. She plays tennis, and in her spare time she enjoys horseback riding and watching cartoons.

She wants to be remembered at LHS as a model for other students, not to only reach, but also to exceed.