#NationalSigningDay2023: Bernstein signs to play football at Lebanon Valley College


Brian Bedard

Logan Bernstein and his family pose for pictures after he signs his Letter of Intent to play football for Lebanon Valley College.

by Ethan Cesario, Reporter

On February 1, Logan Bernstein, a senior at Linganore High School signed with Lebanon Valley College to play football. 

When choosing a school, Lebanon Valley was the obvious choice for Bernstein. A number of factors played into his decision.

“The environment, facilities, and academics [at Lebanon Valley] were really good,” said Logan Bernstein. 

Football has been a huge part of Bernstein’s life throughout his childhood and highschool. He believes it has taught him key life skills.

“Football has given me experience with leadership and experience with grit,”  Logan Bernstein said. 

Bernstein’s father, Andrew Bernstein, has also seen how football has been a huge part of Logan Bernstein’s life. 

“Football has helped keep him focused and helps him with schoolwork and knowing he has to maintain a certain GPA [in order to play],” said Andrew Bernstein. 

As a player, Bernstein has shown a lot of growth throughout high school, even during virtual school.

“He [Logan] works hard. When Covid came, he really ramped it up and started training with a trainer named Shannon Breen,” said Andrew Bernstein. 

While athletic programs were impacted by COVID-19, Breen helped Logan Bernstien maintain good shape and productivity so that he could come back performing even better than before.

Logan Bernstein even mentioned that Breen was his “biggest supporter of football throughout highschool.” 

Logan Bernstein cited the impact the support of his coaches had on both his performance in football and his life. 

“I’ve grown a lot [as a player] with the help of coaches pushing me at practice” Logan Bernstein said. 

At Lebanon Valley, Logan plans to major in business. After college, he plans to take a position at his dad’s construction company.