#NationalSigningDay2023: Gavin Vetter signs to play football at Stevenson University


Victoria Benson

Gavin Vetter signs his National Letter of Intent to Stevenson University.

by Ellowyn Ojeda, Reporter

On February 1, Linganore High School senior Gavin Vetter signed his National Letter of Intent to play football at Stevenson University.

Vetter has been playing football since he was in 8th grade and has played on the Linganore team since his sophomore year. Although he is currently the punter on Linganore’s varsity football team, this was not always the case. 

Vetter has played multiple positions on the football team and has been placed in and out of starting line as a receiver and offensive back. He acknowledges that his varying levels of success in these positions has affected his mindset.

“That doesn’t help your mindset much, to be a starter in one area and not in another,” Vetter said. 

Vetter has always been passionate about punting and loves the discipline that comes with training to play football. Vetter feels prepared to go to Stevenson University in the fall and believes that he will not have to change much of his training when in college.

Vetter believes that most of his work ethic comes from his coach, Rick Conner. 

“He used to go out with three footballs, punt them and then go get them and punt them back,” Conner said. “He’s perfected his skill now; I know his college coach likes it.”

Conner is very proud of Vetter’s progress in kicking since his sophomore year.

“We always had high expectations. We knew he was athletic,” Conner said. 

Vetter did not start out as a football player; rather, his interest layed in soccer.

“I used to play soccer, and that got me interested in football,” Vetter said. “It just seemed like fun, and I grew to really love the sport.”

His family is also supportive of his decision to play football at the collegiate level. Vetter’s parents are also very happy with Vetter’s decision to go to Stevenson, mainly because of the distance, as it is close to home. 

Gavin Vetter poses with his friends after signing his Letter of Intent to Stevenson University. (Pictured left to right: Kelsey Bannon, Chase Rokisky, Zach Kiester, Cam Hardesty) (Ellowyn Ojeda)

“We are very excited about the opportunity that he has, not only to play football, but to get a really good education,” Vetter’s mother Karen Vetter said. 

Gavin Vetter acknowledges that the proximity to home also played a part in his decision to commit to Stevenson.

“[The] distance was really close. I really liked … being able to be with my family still,” Gavin Vetter said.

In addition to playing football, Gavin Vetter is excited to be studying biomedical engineering at Stevenson. 

Gavin Vetter believes that the best advice he could give to incoming freshmen is to not give up and to train hard. 

“Don’t give up if you aren’t playing [football] the first two years,” Gavin Vetter said. “Most sports you can get by without training every day, but football isn’t like that. You have to show up on time every day.” 

Vetter has learned through experience that football is a great way to learn discipline and to hone one’s skills.

“You have to be fully committed to it in order to succeed,” Gavin Vetter said. 

Gavin Vetter will miss being near all his friends and family; however, he still can not wait to go to Stevenson and pursue his love for football.