Mr. LHS gumdrop towers remain standing hours after the competition


Emily Rice

All the contestants compete in trying to make the highest gumdrop tower.

by Emily Rice, Reporter

During second lunch on March 2, the Mr. Linganore contestants competed to build the highest standing gumdrop tower in 15 minutes. 

The tallest freestanding tower wins the competition and that winner will be announced Saturday night. The only materials provided are a big and small bag full of gumdrops and a pack of toothpicks. The contestants are the ones with the engineering skills. 

“It’s about getting up there fast enough and safely. Near the end, I was mostly focused on squeezing in every last inch,” said Daniel Etherton. 

Etherton’s tower was one of the tallest.

Daniel Etherton building as fast as he can trying to make the tallest tower. (Emily Rice)

“The easiest part was making the frames for my tower, but it was most difficult trying to keep it standing straight,” said Jack Sears. 

Once the time was up, all the contestants had to remove their hands from the towers and step away for their sculptures to be measured. The audience watched as all towers stood high, none collapsing. 

The other competitions consisted of cake decorating during first lunch, sweetheart letters during third, and finger painting the contestants favorite childhood book cover during fourth.  

The results of all the competitions will be announced at the event on Saturday, March 5. Tickets can be purchased from your favorite contestant for $7 or $10 at the door for the 7pm show. Doors open at 6:30pm!