#Mr.Linganore2022: Joshua Parker makes his debut as Spider-man


Josh Parker will be portraying Spider man in the Mr. Linganore 2022 contest.

by Brayden Gregory, Editor-in-chief

On March 5, Josh Parker will be competing for the Mr. Linganore crown alongside 5 other contestants. The theme of the competition is “Men behind the Mask.”

Parker is portraying Spider-man, AKA Peter Parker. He will be escorted by senior Claire Thomas.

“I decided to go with Spider-man because I thought it would be a funny connection between our last names, Peter Parker and Josh Parker.  I also like the humor and relatability Spider-man has, being an average high schooler who develops these crazy powers,” said Parker.

Josh Parker slings his webs after completing his story book finger painting of The Rainbow Fish. (Caroline Hobson)

As a sophomore, Parker watched the Mr. Linganore 2019 contest. He really enjoyed the show from the creative expression and courage each individual contestant demonstrated.

“The show inspired me to be creative between my talents and lunch competitions. Seeing their confidence and humor motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and participate,” said Parker.

This year he hopes to put on a good show for his community and fellow peers. 

Parker’s sponsor for the show is California Tortilla. 

Josh Parker and Claire Thomas pose together after completing the spider man themed cake. (Caroline Hobson)

“I’m most excited for the lunch competition because they look like lots of fun and I’m especially ready to represent the Spider-man theme in cake decorating,” said Parker. 

The results of the cake decorating contest and the other lunchtime contests will be announced at the Mr. Linganore competition on Saturday, March 5 at 7 p.m.. Tickets will be available at the door.

Beyond the lunch competitions, Parker is excited to show off his talent at the talent show. Parker will be doing balloon-making. 

He believes his talent will be unique and worthy enough to win the title of Mr. Linganore 2022. 

“I’m a little bit nervous for the actual talent show, but I have practiced and have had great support and reassurance by my family, friends, fellow contestants, Mrs.Rebetsky, and my escort for confidence,” said Parker.

After high school, Parker plans to major in the biochemistry at either UMD or Penn State.

The contest starts at 7 p.m. in the auditorium and doors open at 6:30.