#MrLinganore2022: Jack McCoy unmasks himself as Westley from The Princess Bride


Jack McCoy will be embodying Westley from the Princess Bride.

by Emily Lotito, Editor-in-Chief

On March 5, Jack McCoy and five other men will be competing for the title of Mr. Linganore. This year’s theme is Men behind the Mask; McCoy chose to be Westley from The Princess Bride. He will be escorted by Emma Watkins.

“It’s an obscure reference, but I thought most people would understand it,” McCoy said.

Westley wears a black mask to hide his identity while he travels through the lands of Florin and Guilder to save his true love Buttercup from marrying the evil prince.

Jack McCoy and his dance partner Emily Jonas with his finished cake. (Emily Lotito)

McCoy thinks with all the stage presence he learned from band performances, he will have an advantage.

“I’m in trombone section leader and am a part of concert band, which gives me more past stage presence than the other competitors. I think it will be fun to be on stage for more people,” McCoy said.

McCoy thinks he is the perfect example of what Mr. Linganore should be.

“I feel like I embody what Mr. Linganore is supposed to be. He is supposed to be a role model,what Linganore students should be–also what other men in Linganore should aspire to be like.”

Mr. Linganore contestants have to learn dances for the competition. McCoy has been enjoying the dance portion of the contest.

“I’ve never really danced before. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I have been. We are learning ballroom, samba, line dancing, and a little bit of hip-hop dancing. It’s been really fun learning the dances and I’ve been practicing, too.”

McCoy is being sponsored by Food Lion where he works.

McCoy’s talent will involve his passion for music.

“It’s a surprise. But I will be playing multiple instruments while Emily Jonas narratives for me,” McCoy said.

Jack McCoy and Emily Jonas work on his sweetheart letter. (Emily Lotito)

During four lunch shifts, McCoy competed in different types of competitions along with the other Mr. Linganore contestants. First lunch was cake decorating, second was gum-drop buildings, third was sweetheart letters, and fourth lunch was finger painting children’s book covers.

McCoy won second in the gum-drop building competition but won’t know the results of the other competitions until Saturday.

McCoy will be attending Frostburg State University to study computer science.

McCoy is part of the varsity ice hockey team, Tri-M Honor Society, and Business Honor Society.

“I’m nervous, excited, and scared, but I’m ready. We will see how Saturday goes,” McCoy said.