Mr. Linganore contestants decorate their cakes for the competition


Emily Lotito

Josh Parker and Jack Sears along with their escorts decorating their cakes.

by Emily Lotito, Editor in Chief

On March 2, six Mr. Linganore contestants tapped into their creative sides to decorate cakes for the annual cake decorating competition, which took place in the patio outside the cafeteria. Each contestant had to decorate a cake that represents their Unmasked character who they will embody during the contest.

Contestants Joey Dorman, Daniel Etherton, Jack McCoy, Josh Parker, Jack Sears, and Mikeah-Anthony Smith each decorated a cake to represent their character.

The cafeteria staff Barbra Cocks and Christie Anno judged the contestants and Mr. Jeremy Brown and Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky will name the pre-contest winners on Saturday March 5 at the Mr. Linganore competition.

Joey Dorman and his escort Aubrey Beale putting powdered sugar on his cake. (Emily Lotito)

Students were blown away with Joey Dorman and his strategic plan of using a stencil of Darth Vader and using powdered sugar to display the image.

“It was a smart idea and it turned out good. He really planned for this,” senior Lindsay Toothaker said.

Daniel Etherton made an architectural model of a traditional Japanese house to embody his samurai warrior.

Jack McCoy decorated his cake with a fondant mask and sword to represent Westley from The Princess Bride.

Josh Parker used white, red, and black icing to design a Spider-man themed cake.

Jack Sears designed the American flag in fondant to show the patriotism of his character, Captain America.

Mikeah Smith decorated his cake with a chandelier, roses, and music notes to represent the Phantom of the Opera.