Lancer Spotlight 2/21/23: Linganore High School cancels 25-year school tradition

Joey Dorman and Aubrey Beale share their excitement to compete in Mr. Linganore in 2022.

Bailey Spore

Joey Dorman and Aubrey Beale share their excitement to compete in Mr. Linganore in 2022.

by Delaney Browne, Reporter

Pageantry is often a women-dominated activity, with big ball gowns and displays of talents such as singing the national anthem. At Linganore High School, this is not the case with Mr. Linganore and its 25-year tradition. 

Over the years, male seniors have been asked to participate in this pageant-like event. The competition consists of multiple events such as the opening or grand entrance of the competitors, talent displays, and evening wear, in which the competitors get to be escorted by the girl of their choice.

Unlike past years, few students showed up to the Mr. Linganore orientation this year to discuss what the LHS personal pageant show would be like.

“There were many, many people that expressed interest,” said Mr. Linganore coordinator Jeremy Brown. “But, nobody followed through really, except a couple kids.”

Some students are worried that the tradition has been broken and hope that it will be renewed in the following years so that the underclassmen will be allowed to participate as well.

“That’s so upsetting that they’re not doing [the pageant],” said freshman Jordis Dimmick, who hopes that in the future she can help her friends with the show. 

Even those who are not currently Linganore students expressed dismay towards this years’ cancellation of the event.

Last year, Mr. Linganore Joey Dorman and his escort Aubrey Beale put on an amazing show in 2022 and hate to see it discontinued in 2023.

Both Dorman and Beale believe the cancellation of Mr. Linganore is a massive loss for the community.

“Mr. Linganore is all about dropping whatever sort of social cliquey boundaries [that] have been built up throughout high school and just being able to be funny and laugh at yourself,”  said Dorman.

In addition to being known for bringing the community together, the Mr. Linganore pageant is also held for a good cause. Mr. Linganore acts as a fundraiser for Safe and Sane which is a drug- and alcohol- free graduation party hosted for all seniors. This event allows seniors to have a fun, safe night with all of their friends. 

With Mr. Linganore being canceled this year, different ways of raising the money for Safe and Sane are needed and may include additional donations from students and parents.

Although the Mr. Linganore competition may not be taking place this year, the number of people expressing heartache over its cancellation seems to demonstrate hope for the pageant’s future.

“Joey and I hope next year that Mr. Linganore will make an amazing comeback,” said Beale.

Many other students hope that Mr. Linganore will be back on stage for another showing next year.