Mr. Linganore contestants participate in lunchtime competitions: Finger Painting

by Joe Ham and Mack Mullinix

On March 2, the six Mr. Linganore contestants and their assistants competed in multiple contests to prove who is best suited for the role of Mr. Linganore. The fourth lunch shift contest was “Finger Painting Children’s Book Covers.” Mr. Jeremy Brown, co-organizer thought up the contest to support Read Across America Day.

The contestants’ artwork was judged by the Art Department on closeness to the original cover, frame-ability, difficulty, and appearance.

This was the first time that the finger painting contest was part of the four lunch competitions.  Usually, the contestants bob for apples.  With Covid, that was not possible.

“I was really surprised how artistic these paintings are!  This was a fabulous part of the contest,” said Mr. LHS co-organizer, Natalie Rebetsky. “I’m sure this is going to be a new Mr. LHS tradition.”

In this event, contestants were told to choose their favorite childhood book. They would then have to replicate the cover of their book as close to the original as possible by finger painting it.  

“Detailing was really difficult because I had to incorporate all of the colors with a limited color selection,” said Jack Sears.

All of the contestants had a fun time getting messy while finger painting with reminiscent memories of early childhood.

“I mostly enjoyed being able to get messy and have fun,” said Sears.

The results of the finger painting contest and the other lunchtime contests will be announced at the Mr. Linganore competition on Saturday, March 5 at 7 p.m.. Tickets will be available at the door.The profits from the event will go to the LHS Renaissance Academic Awards program.

During the other three lunch shifts other competitions were held, such as cake decorating, building a freestanding gumdrop tower, and Sweetheart letters in which turned out to be very competitive and fun.