All You Need to Know About Summers Farm


by Katherine Lopez, Editor

There is a good chance if someone is from Frederick County in Maryland that they have heard of Summers Farm.

It is one of the most visited places during the fall season. It has been open for over 26 years, serving residents of Frederick County and other nearby districts since then.

There are many animals one can feed like alpacas and donkeys. (Katherine Lopez)

Summers Farm has fun for all families. It boasts activities such as picking pumpkins, painting faces, solving mazes, camping, feeding farm animals and many other attractions.

Summers Farm is a great place to spend a cool fall afternoon, especially with friends and family.

It is recommended that if one visits, they go with an appetite. Summers Farm has a variety of food options and hot beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate. Tasty treats to eat or snack on include caramel apples, cookies, milk, funnel cakes, cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers and more.ย 

One of the musts for any family is the hay ride to the pumpkin patch. It is recommended to leave it for last.

The hay ride brings visitors to an area in which they can pick out their very own pumpkins. Fortunately for the busy venue, there are a lot of pumpkins from which to select: huge to big or small to tiny. Summers Farm has pumpkins of all sizes.

Kids loved playing at Summers Farm with different activites such as tug of war. (Katherine Lopez)

The famous corn maze is also heaps of fun and designed to entertain patrons of all ages. It is suggested to bring family or friends, since it can be a struggle to find one’s way out.

However, visitors need not worry about getting lost or finding the exit; there are clues placed around the inside of the maze to provide hints on how to make it out safely.

Patrons are challenged to make it out of the maze in less than 30 minutes.

The prices for entrance to Summers Farm vary: children under the age of 2 are completly free and Monday through Thursday is $15.50 per person at the gate and $12.50 online.

While Friday afternoons are priced the same as other weekdays, Friday nights and weekends are a bit more expensive, charging $20.50 per person at the gate and $17.50 online.

Visitors older than 60 receive a bit of a price break and there is also a season pass for regular visitors. The season pass includes unlimited visits forย  cost of $50.50 per person online or $53.50 at the gate.

Whether one visits once or returns annually with friends or family, Summers Farm has something for everyone looking to enjoy a beautiful fall day.ย ย