Lancer Spotlight 1/31/23: What classes are good?

by Eddie Slavin, Reporter

It is that time of year. As January wraps up, so do students’ choices for next year’s class registration, but some students may wonder what classes are the most fun or helpful.

Linganore High School seniors were happy to give advice to incoming freshmen and underclassmen debating the multiple course options available.

One Linganore senior, Anthony Santos, recommended taking Strength Training, particularly in first or second block.

“It really wakes you up in the morning … It wakes up your body and gets you moving,” Santos said. 

Similarly, senior Ryan Maddox likes Strength Training as a course option.

“You get to work out and do a bunch of other [activities],” Maddox said. 

For a change of pace and to appeal to students with other interests, senior Joe Alonzo Cruz, prefers the Jewelry and Small Sculpture class.

“It’s a very hands-on class with a good learning environment,” Cruz said. “And, you get to keep all the stuff you make.”

Another senior, Chloe Kim, says she prefers Psychology, one of the Social Studies electives, because it allows her to learn more about herself. She would recommend it to others.

“[Psychology is] very beneficial for myself and [allows me] to learn about other people,” said Kim.

Linganore Counselor Renata Emery reminds students to consider not only their personal interests when selecting classes but also what they are required to take and what they may want to do as a career.

One of the pathways available for students interested in different career paths is the Career and Technology Center (CTC). Similar to deciding between a selection of elective courses, the pathway in which a student may want to invest time depends on their interests. For example, one student may choose to study as an electrician while another may choose to study agriculture.

Counselor Chris O’Brien also recommends that underclassmen make sure to get all their graduation requirements out of the way.

Of course, the classes one student may enjoy may be different than another student, so everyone should follow their hearts with choice.

No matter what students select for course registration, remember that the deadline for schedules is fast-approaching; all registration forms are due to counselors by February 1.