Drake and 21 Savages opposite styles continue to impress on their first joint album “Her Loss”

This is a picture of Drake and 21 Savage standing in front of different songs in the album. This picture was used to promote the album.

Drake and 21 Savage

This is a picture of Drake and 21 Savage standing in front of different songs in the album. This picture was used to promote the album.

by JP Lyons and Patrick Lyons

On November 11, Drake and 21 Savage dropped their collaborative album, “Her Loss.” This is the duo’s first album together yet not the first music they have released together.

Both artists may be considered two of the best rappers in the music game. Drake has had many amazing accomplishments, including becoming just the 3rd artist in history to win the Artist of the Decade award.

Similarly, 21 Savage has some significant accomplishments; his song “A Lot” won best rap song of the year at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Drake receives an award at the 2019 Grammy Awards. (Grammy awards staff)

Not only do these artists shine on their own, but they also make a great team together and act as a cohesive unit. Drake’s mellow hip-hop style of music combines well with 21 Savage’s aggressive trap music, proving that opposites attract.

In the past, this duo has released multiple songs including “Jimmy Cooks,”  “Knife Talk”  and “Sneakin,”  which are all well-regarded songs. With these artists’ past collaborations going well and both artists being recognizable on their own, the audience was all for seeing them combine their skills for an entire album. 

This album was long awaited as viewers were desperate for new music from Drake after his latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” released in the summer of 2022. Many viewers were quite disappointed with this dance-focused album, so they were excited to see what he had in store for them this time.

During opening week, “Her Loss” jumped to the top of the charts with the biggest first-week numbers from a hip-hop album in 2022. This album logged 404,000 album-equivalent units, compared to the 204,000 units by Drake’s “Honestly, Nevermind.”

“Drakes new album started off hot for a reason; this is a very well-developed album, and it plays to both 21 Savage and Drake’s strengths,” said Linganore sophomore Dylan Hodgson

This album’s success has garnered 21 his third no. 1 album and Drake his 12th no. 1 album of their storied careers.

Currently, every song on the album is featured on the Billboard Hot 100, with the opening track, “Rich Flex,” sitting at the number one spot.

“Rich Flex” gave the album with a very strong start. 21 began the song with a nice flow filled with multiple, creative rhymes. This flow was then transferred as Drake abruptly interrupted. Drake finished off the song with a similar flow and even threw in some unique shout-outs like Kobe Bryant. 

“I’m living every 24 like Kobe did, shout out to the 6, RIP to 8,” said Drake. This was such a creative line because he managed to commemorate Kobe’s death by using both of his basketball numbers, 24 and 8.

The momentum of “Rich Flex” carried over into the rest of the album as one of our favorite songs,  “Major Distribution.” This song introduces a beautiful tone switch from sorrowfulness to an “I do not care” vibe. After the early tone switch, Drake and 21 took turns on the fast-paced beat, spitting different bars back-and-forth until the end of the song. 

“Spin Bout U” ranked 5th on the Billboard Hot 100. This song is yet another one of our favorites as 21 Savage and Drake rap about how they would do anything for their love interests. Drake also raps a controversial bar about Roe vs Wade, “D*mn, just turned on the news and seen that men … are makin’ laws about what women can do.” Their love for women has rapped over yet another beautiful beat.

Drake and 21 Savage had numerous hits on this album but we both agreed our favorite is their collaboration with Travis Scott. This song emphasizes the fact that these three extremely talented and wealthy men would not change their rich lifestyle for anything. Drake and Travis Scott routinely repeat, “They say more money, more problems. Bring on the problems.” 

Sophomore Brady Zirkle weighed in with his opinion.

“I agree; this song is also my favorite on the album, and I believe it will be very iconic in the future,” Zirkle said.

Overall, we believe Drake and 21 Savage absolutely lived up to the lofty expectations of their album release, and it also may have silenced many of Drake’s doubters after his recent album releases.

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